Rumor has it that diamonds are facing some major challenges to their status as a girl’s best friend these days… like, seriously — puppies. And Mindy Kaling. But that’s not the last of it. Because even in the most traditional of moments, those times when diamonds are notorious for taking center stage, there’s a new style of sparkling stone doing its best to steal the scene. The engagement ring scene, that is. In other words, send your significant other ring shopping right here.

1. Red Corundum Engagement Ring ($482): A handmade collaboration of a unique cut, bright stone and solid gold ring, this piece of jewelry is just the right amount of color for a contemporary gal.

2. Citrine and Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring ($4,900): We’ve never seen emerald-cut stones look so pretty. We’re also okay with the fact that this pink and yellow gem is pretty much impossible to ignore.

3. Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring ($1,100): This mesmerizing ring is custom-created for each buyer, making it a truly one-of-a-kind way to start any engagement.

4. Mint and Blue Tourmaline Engagement Ring ($16,000): Another ring set with a gorgeous emerald-cut stone, this tourmaline ring stopped us in our tracks. The stones, the color combination, the 4.39 carats… it’s all a little bit dreamy. Just like your future fiancé.

5. Oval Bea Engagement Ring ($9,500): Yes, a diamond takes up the focal point of this rose gold beauty, but it’s the trillion shaped pink sapphires on either side that complete this engagement ring’s subtle but stunning look.

6. Three Stone Hazeline Engagement Ring ($10,500): Classic, delicate and beautifully slender, this ring is based off a ring that belonged to the designer’s grandmother. The champagne colored center diamond is kind of insane.

7. Gray and Cognac Diamond Engagement Rings ($12,500): Have you heard about Diamond in the Rough? Conflict-free, certified, natural rough diamonds in unique colors and incredible settings. Sign us up.

8. Black Diamond Engagement Ring ($3,700): A colorful engagement ring roundup wouldn’t be complete without one of our favorite colors.

9. Colored Diamond Engagement Ring ($8,300): Why have an engagement ring with one diamond when you can have an engagement ring with 15 — and in six different colors?

10. Cushion Stone Sapphire Engagement Ring ($770): Rose gold plus purple semiprecious stones is definitely a win in our books. Plus, this ring feels classic and contemporary at once with its cushion cut gem and modern color coordination.

11. The Harlow Engagement Ring ($1850): Bold, brilliant and still ultra-feminine, this diamond-framed round cut emerald ring is an eye-catcher. We think your significant other will agree.

12. Cushion Cut Emerald Engagement Ring ($1,600): We’re not sure which part of this stunner you would love more — the crazy brilliant emerald in the middle or the intricate leaf and vine-like details surrounding it.

13. Turquoise Engagement Ring ($3,454): This ring is the perfect option for lovers of eclectic details and bright colors alike. The turquoise center is surrounded by 18k yellow gold, Oregon Sunstones and a few more black diamonds for us all to ooh and ahh over.

14. Ruby Leaf Engagement Ring ($3,058): We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a ring like this before. And between the ruby leaf details and gleaming gold accents, we’re not sure we need to see anything else.

15. Zimibian Emerald Engagement Ring ($1,980): We’ve fallen head over heels for this ring, which combines a sleek cut with a satin band and just the right kind of perfectly imperfect result reminiscent of our own favorite relationships. Match made in heaven? Probably.

16. Yellow Gold and Ruby Rapunzel Band ($1,680): If you’re a July baby and REALLY in to birth stones, than antique rubies set in 18k yellow gold are totally your jam.

17. Mint Tourmaline Solitaire Ring ($25,500): The price tag is as astonishing as the princess-cut stone, which weighs in at a whopping 5.43 carats.

18. Amethyst and Ruby Florentine Ring ($5,500): For those who can never have enough color, this stone duo is for you. And if you still hold a special place in your heart for diamonds, don’t worry. The band is covered in ’em.

19. Vintage Turquoise and Ruby Princess Cocktail Ring ($1,349): That’s right: Cocktail rings are the new engagement ring for the painfully hip.

20. Green Amethyst by the Pool Ring ($4,300): If you’re a lover of amethyst, consider yourself lucky. You can get one massive 22 carat ring at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay for a boring old diamond of the same size.

21. Peridot and Pink Sapphire Florentine Ring ($5,500): Can you please make these your wedding colors, too? Okay. Thanks.

22. Amethyst Stingray ($2,800): High-end designers aren’t our everyday go-to, but when the word “wedding” is whispered, we start reaching for Ferragamo rings. Hey, it’s called a family heirloom, okay?

23. Purple Sapphire + Cuprain Tourmaline Ring ($4,999): Start figuring out your plan of attack on how you’re going to let your partner know that this 18K two-toned gold and technicolor looker is the only one you want on your hand for the rest of your life.

So what’s the verdict? Have you found the colorful engagement ring of your dreams? Let us know in the comments below!