Don’t picnics have a certain timelessness to them? Aside from snapping a few shots of ants attacking your feast via your smartphone, one of our favorite things about picnics is just how offline they can be. With that in mind, we turned our treasure hunting skills on Etsy for today’s vintage-inspired roundup. Enjoy!

1. Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket ($56): We’ll start with the quintessential picnic requirement: A picnic basket! This definitely looks like something Dorothy would carry.

2. Gingham Chalkboard Invitation ($15): If you’re going for the birthday party picnic move, invite your friends! We love these old-school looking printable invites.

3. Handmade Picnic Blanket ($52): Don’t these look like they fell off a train or something? The stripes and postmarks make for a great pattern.

4. Lilac Picnic Drinks Set ($16): Brew up a pot of yummy iced tea and serve it in this retro tea set. Perhaps add a little bit of lavender?

5. Home Brew 6-Pack Carrier ($45): This isn’t actually vintage, but it definitely has that nostalgic vibe. It’s perfect for carrying home brews, bottled cocktails, and the like.

6. A Dozen Berry Boxes ($7): Berry boxes are great for berries, snacks, and other picnic-ready treats.

7. Poppy Picnic Shift Dress ($118): What about your outfit? We love the Mod Squad meets picnic table look of this chic shift.

8. Custom Color Pom Poms ($118 for 35): You can never have too many pom poms, even at an outdoor picnic! These paper pop up ones are great for adding a bit of cheer to any park setting.

9. Vintage Basket with Dishes ($44): This is sort of an all-in-one setup, with a whole bunch of mismatched dishes and a vintage basket.

10. Peacock 1970’s Vacuum Thermos ($25): Great for camping, picnicking, beaching, and the like. We are obsessed with the kitschy floral pattern.

11. Portable Wine Barrel Decanter ($65): Who says you have to go for Franzia boxed wine for your picnic? Decanter your own bottle of goodness and bring it to go.

12. Vintage Coleman Cooler ($35): Speaking of beverages on the go, how classic is this Coleman cooler? Fill ‘er up with cucumber water, lemonade, or watermelon juice and prepare to be refreshed.

13. 1980s Picnic Checkered Skirt ($35): Neon and picnic come together amazingly in this fresh ’80s skirt.

14. Lillian Vernon Corn-on-the-Cob Dishes + Picks ($25): Remember Lillian Vernon? It was that weirdly miniature catalog filled with all sorts of home goods? This corn-on-the-cob set is straight from there, and great for a backyard picnic.

15. Vintage Polaroid SX70 with Case ($118): You’ve gotta snap some pics, and why not go analog with it? We love everything Polaroid, and this camera case combo is an awesome find.

16. Polaroid Film ($47 for 2 packs): You’ll obviously need some film if you’re snapping away ;)

17. Wooden Insulated Cooler ($55): Created by the same folks who made the home brew carrier and portable decanter, we love the aesthetic of this wooden cooler.

18. Mini Milk Jug Sippers ($12): For sipping on the go, order up a whole bunch of adorable milk jugs.

19. Chevron Paper Straws ($7 for 50): And no event would be complete without themed straws! We’re digging this chevron pattern.

20. Red Plastic Party Ball ($15): Okay, we had no idea that party balls were a thing until starting this roundup. This kit includes 6 large plates, 6 small plates, 1 platter, 6 bowls, 2 lids (that transform into serving bowls), and 5 cups. AMAZING!

What are your picnic must-haves? What are your favorite things to shop for on Etsy? Talk to us in the comments below.