It鈥檚 no secret that we鈥檙e head over heels for those simple moments of beauty in life. A fresh cut flower here, a pair of light-up sunglasses because why not, a photo booth for no apparent reason 鈥 you know the deal. So, we were happy to oblige when the folks at Scotch庐 Brand asked us to share some of our favorite everyday tape hacks.

It鈥檚 all part of an exclusive DIY Starter Kit that we teamed up with Scotch庐 Brand to create to go along with the release of our book, Homemakers. And guess what? YOU can win your very own Homemakers Starter Kit along with a copy of our book! Simply submit your email address below and you鈥檒l be entered to win. The contest runs from March 3 to March 17, and 10 winners will be chosen at random 鈥 you can see all terms and conditions here.

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Now, from florals to party signs, here are four everyday tape hacks to make life more beautiful.

1. Flower Arrangement Hack: For this little trick, we used Scotch庐 Magic Tape to create a grid on top of a square vase. You can use this grid to create a flower arrangement if you can鈥檛 find floral foam.

2. Affordable Wall Art: Need to fill a few empty walls? In just minutes, you can turn a few canvases or even a piece of cardboard into custom wall art. We combined Scotch庐 Expressions Washi Tape and Scotch庐 Patterned Duct Tape to create the patterns you see above.

3. Shoelace Repair: Got a pair of laces with frayed ends? You can use Scotch庐 Magic Tape or Scotch庐 Expressions Washi Tape to repair your laces in a jiffy. You can also use this same technique to create your own laces from neon rope if you like :)

4. Custom Party Signage: Lastly, if you鈥檙e throwing a party and need a custom sign, all you need is paper, glitter, Scotch庐 Double-Sided Tape and scissors to make your own. Print the word or name you want to make a sign out of on card stock, then cover that with Scotch庐 Double-Sided Tape. Cut out the letters and sprinkle glitter on them. After you鈥檝e pressed the glitter firmly onto each letter, use twine to create a garland.

Done and done. Cheers!

This post is a collaboration with Scotch庐 Brand.