You know all too well the frustration of achieving the perfect eyeliner on one eye, only to have your dreams dashed when you move to the other eye. Maybe it’s crooked, too thick and not uniform. Time to start over. And who has time for that in the morning? Beautyblender feels your pain and has created Liner Designer, a tool available this spring that will help you color in the lines.

Beautyblender feature

The plastic product is shaped like a triangle, and it comes in a case with a mirror so you can fix your eyeliner on the go. According to Allure, the eyeliner applicator can be used with gel or pencil, and has three sides to create various looks: a short, round edge; straight-laced; and curvy.

Liner Designer allows you to create pretty much any look you want. You can achieve a cat eye, for instance, by holding the straight side at the corner of your eye to make a thick line at the top of your lids. Think of it like the pattern for a stencil. The product will cost $16 but is sure to save you lots of time and eye makeup remover.

(h/t Allure. Photo via @beautyblender)