Calling all makers! We’ve found your new best friend. Introducing FABtotum, the first low cost Desktop Personal Fabrication Device. Now you can print, cut, mill, and scan on ONE device.

That’s right, this is the ultimate maker’s machine and we’re pretty sure the creative process will never be the same. Currently a project on Indiegogo (check out their campaign video here), FABtotum comes from the Italian duo Marco Rizzuto and Giovanni Grieco. As the founders explain, “FABtotum is our dream-machine as makers as well the result of a passion we hope everyone will appreciate and share.” We love it already.

So, what can you do with this little cube? The possibilities are endless.

3D printing? Check. Print pencil holders, glasses, wrenches, and more.

Subtractive manufacturing? Yep. You can mill and engrave on a wide range of materials such as foam, wood, balsa, and aluminum. Oh, you can even make your own circuit boards with PCB milling. Yeah, we thought that was pretty rad, too.

Scanning? Of course. The FABtotum can scan solid objects with a built-in laser scanner and touch probe digitalizer. This is definitely one of the coolest features. You can scan anything you want on your FABtotum and duplicate it on the spot. Love that bracelet your co-worker has? Scan it and print your own. Or, scan it, modify it with any changes, and then print your own. Awesome.

The best part? You don’t even have to keep the FABtotum connected to your computer. You can print remotely from a variety of devices. You can personalize your FABtotum, too. It’s available in several colors and you can customize the machine features to fit your needs. Oh, and did we mention it’s small enough to fit on your desk? Props for being compact and user-friendly.

If the Indiegogo campaign is successful, you’ll be able to get your FABtotum as early as July 2014. The current retail price is $1,099. Or, assemble your FABtotum at home for just $999 with their DIY kit.

Will you try the FABtotum? Tell us in the comments below!