Garlands are still going up and trees are being decorated. Perhaps you’re even thinking about what to neatly wrap and put under the tree this year. Or maybe you’re at a total loss of what to get for your friends and family. Finding unique gifts can be tough and frustrating, but 3D printing can help you out with that. We’ve unearthed 40 different gifts that you can customize and personalize to wow all your loved ones this holiday season… and for any other occasions to come.

1. Bobble Head Figure ($30): Cartoonify yourself and print it out as a bobble head! Propping a Mini Me version of you on your work desk will be sure to turn heads.

2. Pop-Out Earring Set ($36): These earrings are pop-able and portable. Switch up your danglers throughout the day with this easy and stylish DIY.

3. Circle Pop-Out Pendant ($55): This pendant is gorgeous and classy. It would go great with a pair of earrings from the pop-out set.

4. 64 Crayon Holder ($20): This crayon holder is perfect for the artsy little ones at home. It’s convexly shaped so that each crayon is easy to grab and put back.

5. Vase Topper ($40): Make beautiful flower arrangements with your very own vase topper that can easily transform a glass of water into a vase.

6. Sound Wave Charm ($90): Say, “I love you,” with this necklace. The charm is a printed visual of the sound waves from saying “I love you.” Shapeways has a variety of 3D-printed “I love you” sound wave charms in a bunch of different languages on their site.

7. Makies ($115): Design a doll with a kid in your life using the Makies website. You have the option of creating one from scratch or ordering a DIY box where your kids can design their own dolls.

8. Fraemes ($37): The perfect remedy for phone case ADD. Currently only made for iPhone 5/5S, Fraemes allows you to personalize your phone case and switch up its design however frequently you want to. They have premade designs, or you can try designing one yourself.

9. Washi Taped Vases: Order a 3D-printed vase from Shapeways or Sculpteo or print out your own, and you’re ready to start decorating the vase with washi tape. You’ll have unique modern vases in no time. Need some help? Here are step-by-step instructions.

10. Equus ($119): This 3D-printed horse majestically gallops out of your walls to add a futuristic touch to an otherwise plain wall.

11. James Joyce Quote Desk Tidy ($41): Made from nylon plastic, this desk tidy is made from the words of James Joyce’s quote, “No pen, no ink, no table, no room, no time, no quiet, no inclination.”

12. Mustache Comb: This comb isn’t just great for Movember — it’s also useful on a daily basis.

13. Traditional Menorah ($192): Celebrate Hanukkah this year with a 3D-printed menorah from the Target Shapeways Shop.

14. Arrow Charm ($14): This necklace charm is the perfect gift for girls who love dainty jewelry. Print it out in stainless steel to get that simple Brandy Melville look.

15. Doge ($20): Anyone still speaking in doge? This meme figurine is printed in full color sandstone and it is much texture, such cute.

16. My Little Pony ($54): Why buy a My Little Pony figure from Toys R Us when you can create your own pony and print it out?

17. Honeycomb Ring ($40): This ring is just one of the many beautiful pieces from Design Erica. Her jewelry has a modern look to it that’s perfect for adding edge to an otherwise plain outfit.

18. LEO the Maker Prince ($11): Okay, it’s time to put Goodnight Moon back on the shelf, because this storybook is here to stay. Encourage and inspire your little maker with this adorable bedtime story. It’s about a girl named Carla who put aside her passion for making in order to become an accountant. Eventually she finds her love for making again through LEO, an alien robot who is like a walking, talking 3D printer. The best part is, you can download and print everything that Carla and LEO make together in the book through Thingiverse.

19. Origami Crane Cufflinks ($85): Add some unique elegance and intricacy to your man’s suit with these double-take-worthy cufflinks.

20. Hello Kitty Figure ($6): Sanrio’s adorable items can get pretty pricey, but you can get one for a fraction of the cost for your Hello Kitty fanatic. Made by Makerbot, this Hello Kitty Figure comes with a milk bottle, an apple and a dress you can snap on. You can also buy other outfits to jazz up your Kitty.

21. Cookie Monster Figure ($2): We’re taking it back to the streets — Sesame Street, that is. Our beloved Cookie Monster would be a great throwback gift for all ‘90s kids.

22. Productivity Playground ($4): Clean up your desk with this organizer that lets your phone play on the slides and your Post-its make sandcastles in the sandbox while you’re hard at work.

23. Bheard Sound Pod ($55): This sound enhancer will instantly pump up your phone’s volume wirelessly — and we’re not talking Bluetooth. The sound pod has a unique shape specifically designed to improve the acoustics of your phone’s audio.

24. Pi Cookie Cutter ($8): An essential for a Raspberry Pi DIY party.

25. Meshu Jewelry ($30-$165): Deck yourself out with bling that’s created based on where you’ve been in the world. First, you enter what cities you’ve been to or any places you’d like to visit. Based on those cities and the lines they shape they make when the location points are connected, it creates your own personal Meshu jewelry. Prices vary depending on what type of jewelry you want and what type of material you pick.

26. Lily ($485): Is it a lamp or a work of art? Both. This lamp is a beautiful gift that adds warmth to any room. The dimmer works great for creating a relaxing, spa-like ambiance.

27. Bike Planter ($45): Take your plants out on a bike ride for a breather and some sunshine with these bike planters. Adding them to your bike makes it stand out on a packed rack.

28. Blast Off! ($20): Start off every morning with a BLAST of espresso in this cute rocketship cup. Pinkies up before you take your rocketsip ;)

29. Koopa Shell Racer: Got your own 3D printer and looking for something Wii-tastic to print out? Download and print out these Koopa shells from Thingiverse and race away.

30. Toastr ($19): Does your Cordies not have enough slots for your wires? This is a great alternative.

31. Typographical Chess Set ($95): Give any chess lover an upgrade with this sleek and modern typographical chess set.

32. Dreamcatcher ($16): Leather, wood and feathers aren’t the only materials that can catch dreams anymore. Plastic does a pretty good job too, and this one is small enough to wear as a necklace.

33. Snowflame ($28): This candle holder looks as unique as a snowflake, but it won’t melt from your candle flame.

34. Monstermatic ($25): Create your own custom monster figurine with the Monstermatic app (iOS) and send your design in to get printed! The app is free, and each monster costs around $25. It’s a great way to get your little monsters a chance to create.

35. Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Stencil ($12): With Harry Potter coming up on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas movie list, skip the popcorn and bake some festive HP cookies!

36. Keon V1 ($15): This is an easy, handsfree way for you to hold one key while you’re out for a jog.

37. The Buccaneer ($347): Create endless 3D printed, biodegradable products with this home 3D printer. Unlike more expensive 3D printers, the Buccaneer has an easy assembly. It can connect to your WiFi and your Apple and Android devices to print out anything from their website.

38. 24K Gold Bottle Opener ($76): Who knew cracking open a cold one would ever go this high tech or this chic? Reserve this one for the most discerning drinkers only.

39. Gold Bauhaus Necklace ($42): This is a gift that will keep on giving since the recipient will never tire of bragging about the fact that it’s 3D printed (!!)

40. New Matter MOD-t ($249): We’ve saved the best for last. This is one of the most affordable, if not THE most affordable, 3D printers around. The edge that the MOD-t has on the rest of the 3D printing community isn’t just its price — it’s New Matter’s market. Programmed by Frog, the market is filled with different designs, figures and toys that you can purchase. You can even send in your own designs that New Matter will buy from you. Without a doubt, this would be the ultimate maker’s gift.

Which gifts got you thinking, “That’s perfect!”? We want to know in the comments!