No, really, this roundup includes a Facebook update you’ll actually care about along with some news that will make the kid who wanted to win Double Dare to go to Space Camp VERY happy. And we know that was *all* kids. Including us.

1. Taylor’s Never Coming Back to Spotify — Is She? It’s not looking good. Spotify says Tay was ’bout to make BANK (at least for us normal peeps) this year on the streaming service — to the tune of $6 mil. Um, girl, why’d you leave us like that? Because, her label says, it’s way less than that, like $500k. Also not entirely true. It’s actually $2 million and 6 is just a projection, but, I mean, can I just have my workout playlists back already?! (via The Verge)

2. Science Has Tips for Improving Your Memory: Including (YES) that coffee can give you a “memory jolt” — we’ll take it! (via Vox)

3. About That Facebook Update… Facebook updated their privacy settings making them easier (and a lil lovelier) to read. You laugh, but maybe you’ll actually, you know, read them now and know what it means to press share, post and like. (via Facebook)

4. The Most Thankful City in America Is… Let’s not forget about Twitter! Our friends at Shutterfly put together a map of the most gracious cities in the US, determined by how many times they tweeted thanks. See, NYers are nice. (via The Huffington Post)

5. Another Reason to Get More Girls Studying STEM: So they can be behind events like this! Scientists at the European Space Agency landed a spacecraft on a comet. The only bad news? One of them decided it was cool to wear this for all the interviews :-/ (via The New York Times)

6. Men Are Pinning like Cray Now: Dudes are Pinterest‘s fastest growing demographic. 1/3 of all of the social network’s signups nowadays are all men, which begs the Q: What took you guys so long? (via TechCrunch)

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