PSL is obviously our fall morning sipper, but after a long work day, we want a fun beverage of a boozier nature. Fall is the perfect time of year to experiment with cozy flavors, soothing temperatures (who isn’t comforted by a nice hot cider on a chilly October day?) and delicious seasonal ingredients. To get you inspired, here are eight drinks we can’t wait to down, all available at some of San Francisco’s best bars.

fall cocktail 6

1. The Suckerpunch: With bourbon, lemon and homemade spiced pumpkin compote, this boozy libation is an intense sipper. We’re partial to the vibrant, totally on-season hue. (via 15 Romolo on Snapguide)

fall cocktail 3

2. Needle in the Hay: Oat-infused honey gives this drink a toasty flavor, while the slightly smokey, sweet taste comes from the addition of Scotch and dry white wine. (via AQ SF on Snapguide)

fall cocktail 4

3. Harvest Moon: With the combination of Asian pear and star anise purees, this strong sipper gets its kick from a healthy dose of tequila. The star anise garnish gives the drink that extra air of elegance. (via Third Rail SF on Snapguide)

Fall Cocktail 1

4. The Fugazi Bank: Everything about this cocktail begs to be sipped by a warm fireplace. With smoked cherry bitters and rye whiskey, this drink is sure to heat you up on a cold fall night. (via Trick Dog on Snapguide)

fall cocktail 2

5. The Loch Ness: This drink gets its name from the smokey Scotch used in its recipe. With the addition of apple cider, lemon and freshly grated cinnamon, it’s a boozy take on a signature fall favorite. (via Third Rail SF on Snapguide)

fall cocktail 5

6. The Emerald Tablet: We used to think egg whites in cocktails were weird. Now, we just think it’s awesome. With frothy egg whites, chartreuse and rosemary honey, this unique drink is sure to have you hooked in no time at all. (via 15 Romolo on Snapguide)

fall cocktail 7

7. The Chameleon: A color-changing cocktail? Yes please! This sultry sipper turns from clear to bright garnet as the ice cube port begins to melt. (via Burrit Room & Tavern on Snapguide)

fall cocktail 8

8. Harvest Moon: With homemade pear liquor, it’s the perfect choice for fall. The addition of absinthe, gin and lime gives the drink a refreshing edge. (via AQ SF on Snapguide)

Have a favorite fall cocktail of your own? Share with us in the comments!