We can’t get enough of the faux fur fashion trend, so with spring right around the corner we are thinking of ways we can continue to wear it as the weather heats up (hopefully). So here is a way to rock some faux fur now and come spring, and believe it or not, it’s a DIY project. Think throw gone vest. Here is a way to turn a white faux fur throw into a vest – IKEA hack style.


– printable vest templates (download front and back here)

– 2 IKEA Faux Sheepskin Throws/Rugs

– thread

– black Sharpie (not shown)


– fabric scissors

– sewing machine

 1. Print and cut out templates.

2. Trace the templates onto the backside of the fur throws and cut them out.

3. Sew the pieces of the vest together inside out.

The first thing to do is print out your templates. There are two templates, one for the back of the vest, and one for the front side panels of the vest. Since these templates are larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches, you will want to take them to an OfficeMax or FedEx Kinkos to have them printed. Keep in mind the templates are for a medium size vest. Please adjust according to your size if need be. The great thing about vests is they are forgiving in the fit. I wear an XS, and I can wear this medium vest just great.

The second step is to trace the templates onto the backside of the fur throws using a black sharpie. For one of the vest panels, you will want to flip over the template. Otherwise one panel will be inside out. Then, cut out your vest pieces by following along the lines.

Next, place the back of the vest on your work surface fur side up. Place each panel fur side down on top of the vest back making sure to line up the ends. Pin the sides of the vest and the shoulders of the vest. Sew the sides and shoulders of the vest leaving a 1/2 inch seam. I like to reinforce about an inch of the end of each seam by going back over the stitch in reverse. Take a look at your sewing machine’s user manual to find where your reverse button is. Knot the ends of each seam and cut the remaining thread. Finally, flip the vest right side out and top off your outfit.

You now have your self a snazzy new faux fur vest for about $20.

Are you on board with the faux fur trend? Do you think you might give your sewing machine some love and try out this tutorial? Talk to us in the comments below.