What we need this holiday season is a magical place to cater to all of our shopping needs. We need a place with cute, trendy gift ideas suited to creative-minded individuals, who perhaps have a distinct flair for the eclectic and an undeniable love of pop culture. Oh wait, that is totally already a thing, and it鈥檚 called Etsy. Our love affair with Etsy began back when we discovered it could be the answer to all of our holiday needs, from gifting faux pas to on-fleek holiday decor. What we love most about Etsy, though, is that there鈥檚 a little something for even the trickiest peeps on your list. DIY-obsessed bestie? Check! Eccentric recipients (or the just plain weird and unexpected recipient)? Double check! And how about gifts guaranteed to crank the fun, smiles and merriment to the max? You betcha. Check out these 27 holiday finds that will quench all your holiday shopping needs without ever leaving Etsy.


1. Junebug and Darlin Feminist Modern Cross Stitch Kit ($16): Chances are you鈥檝e got a politically minded friend who would love to have this #feminista statement piece, but we won鈥檛 blame you for keeping it yourself.


2. Custom Crayons by Sara Unicorn Crayons ($6): Tee-hee. All we鈥檙e saying is that those unicorn horns will make for a wonderfully sharp edge with which to color inside the lines while indulging in an adult coloring sesh.


3. Sassy Gals Wisdom Mugs for Couples ($30): You know when a couple gets married and suddenly you鈥檙e left gifting them both this year? His-and-hers mugs are your solution, and the cutest gift for lovebirds to use during their daily cup o鈥 joe.


4. Aydry & Co. Beautiful Rose Mineral Bath Soak ($24): Know anyone in major need of a spa day? This lovely rose bath soak in the season鈥檚 hottest fragrance will coax your pal into some much-needed R&R in the tub.


5. Diamond Chocolates Chocolate Diamond ($23): Uh, yum. Who cares whether or not he puts a ring on it when you can munch on one of the most delicious rocks of all time? (Not us. At least, not when there鈥檚 chocolate around.)


6. Lake 1221 Pink Cactus Wall Tapestry ($50): Wall tapestries rock because they brighten up spaces like whoa. If you鈥檝e got a pal who鈥檚 just moved or has naked white walls, you can鈥檛 go wrong with this boho-chic tapestry in these color-popping shades.


7. Icey Designs Pencil Gift Sets ($17): Nerd alert! Any brainiac will get a kick out of these pop culture-themed pencil sets. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, book lovers, anyone? There鈥檚 a pack for every variety of geek in your life.


8. Japan Pop Hello Kitty Silicone Mold Ice Tray ($16): Why yes, we would like some cute AF Hello Kitty ice cubes in our sparkling Champagne punch glasses. This gift is a-freakin鈥-dorable and a total must-have for when NYE rolls around.


9. Hello Delicious Oven Mitt Pot Holder Marble Print Set ($12): Do you know someone who loves whipping up delectable treats in the kitchen? Duh, so do we! And we鈥檙e pretty sure she鈥檒l adore the trendy marble accents on these handy kitchen staples.


10. The Uncommon Green Constellation Rocks Glass ($14): These. Are. So. Cool. Astrology-lover or not, we鈥檇 love to sip our beverages with a mini astronomy class printed right on our cool AF cosmic kitchenware.


11. WP Stationery Floral Blush Stationery ($15): Caaayuuuute! We could all benefit from a friendly reminder to keep up on our correspondences, and this personalized stationery set will more than do the trick. Choose the design to suit your friend鈥檚 taste and check your mail for the adorable cards to come in return.


12. Genuine Design Co.聽Harry Potter Tote聽Bag ($20): Because we love Harry Potter. And we love tote bags. Cute, functional and magical FTW.


13. Stitch Lab Minnesota Woodland Fox or Kitty Light-Blocking Mask ($18): There鈥檚 nothing worse than unwanted light jarring us from our peaceful dreams, and we all definitely have someone on our list who is notoriously under-slumbered. Help them keep their peepers covered and catch some much-needed Zs with this foxy little snooze mask.


14. Hip Tepee Hooray Cat Bed Teepee ($60): Um, yes. Cats will love you for it, and it will give any living space a tenfold cool-factor upgrade. Meow!


15. Megan Marie Brown If You Can Read This Socks ($11): Seeing as how the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was the biggest thing to happen to our Netflix-and-chill game since we rewatched Felicity, we鈥檙e seriously hoping for a pair of these socks in our stockings this year. Keep your little piggies cozy and warm while indulging (uninterruptedly!) in the whimsy and drama of Stars Hollow.


16. Pasinga Shades of Grey Notebook Collection ($12): For the writer or doodler in your life: a sleek minimalist design and the understated sophistication of a white, gray and black color palette. We approve wholeheartedly.


17. MB Made Namastay in Bed Tote ($20): Any yoga lover will appreciate this way cute and uber functional statement tote bag. After all, who hasn鈥檛 wanted to 鈥渘amast鈥檃y鈥 in bed rather than dragging themselves to a little yog-ercise in the a.m.?


18. Proxy Shop Kanye West Mug ($20): Show your bestie some love with the simple proclamation, 鈥淚 love you like Kanye loves Kanye.鈥 This mug matches the sentiment swimmingly.


19. Idol Leisure Larry David Pin ($13): Chances are, if you recognize this Curb Your Enthusiasm-inspired Larry David pin, you already love it. If not, ehh.


20. Twisted Twee Ltd. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn Underwear Gift Set ($39): Seriously, please get these hilarious his-and-hers undies for your favorite pair of newlyweds. This cultured gift might be a bit of a gag, but it鈥檒l bring a smile to everyone鈥檚 faces.


21. Lilpengee Gems Agate Coasters ($50): We鈥檙e drooling over these gold-trimmed agate coasters. If you鈥檇 rather DIY a pair of the hostess鈥檚 favorites, be our guest, but the rest of us can simply add them to our carts on Etsy. Woop, woop!


22. The Little Rose Co. Bah Hum Bug Print ($10): We all know a grinch or two when it comes to the holiday season. Thankfully, this holiday-themed print will be a piece of seasonal decor that is adored by scrooges and holiday-lovers alike.


23. Her Secret Flames Bobby Pin Scissor ($5): These cute little scissors lend an instant upgrade to any fashion chick鈥檚 messy bun. In other words, these are a must-have hair accessory for the queen of topknots in your life.


24. Mandela Supply Company Double Copper Pour Over Stand ($120): There鈥檚 not a coffee-drinking hipster in the entire world who wouldn鈥檛 go bananas for this cool AF industrial-chic copper coffee pour over. We鈥檙e digging the over-caffeinated, uber-minimalist vibes.


25. The Mint Orchid If You Can Read This Socks ($16): First thing鈥檚 first: We love that adorbs color scheme. And TBH, we genuinely appreciate the designer鈥檚 nod to the importance of having chocolate along with our wine.


26. A-List Greek Designs Personalized Tassel Keychain ($15): A personalized keychain with a colorful and trendy tassel to go with it? This baby is an obvious yes.


27. Yeti Yoga The Cassidy ($60): No yogi we know would say no to a mat as cute as this. She鈥檒l be nama-slaying her way through every class, from downward-facing dog to child鈥檚 pose.

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