We’ve all had them: hair problems. Because of those split ends, a color job gone bad or — eeeek! — a nightmarish DIY bang trim (been there, and nothing’s worse), our hair can feel like a blessing and a curse. That’s where this series comes into play. In every installation of Hair Problems, we ask our network of hair experts about the most annoying issues real girls are dealing with, and they sound off with the solutions.

The Problem: We’re right in the thick of the whole April showers thing, which means lots of us (me, hi) are experiencing frizzy hair and flyaways galore due to the extra moisture in the air. Unfortunately, this kind of weather can put a major damper on our spring hair #goals. While serums and other smoothing hair products are always there for us, our five hair experts shared some of their best hacks, insider secrets and anti-frizz hair tricks that will keep your frizz + flyaways under control.



Anessa Kivinski, Head Stylist + Owner, Headdress Hair Salon: “Use a cleansing cream instead of shampoo. This allows your hair to keep its natural oils, and helps avoid frizz.”

Sheenon Olson, Celebrity Stylist + Creative Director, Atma Beauty: “A quick fix for flyaways is to spray a light hairspray on a boar bristle brush and lightly brush the places where the flyaways are. For the baby hairs around your face, I like to use a men’s hair wax. Just add a smidge to your fingers and brush them right off your forehead.”

CK Karkhanis, Senior Colorist, Archer Salon: “Dry wrap your hair with a silk scarf for smooth, frizz-free locks.”

Terrence Michael Renk, Creative Director, ProRituals: “Fight frizz with an oil-based product like babassu oil — it’s extremely light and makes your hair feel soft and smooth while reducing the hair’s frizziness and is packed with antioxidants to reduce hair-aging free radicals.”

Katsumi Kasai, Master Hairdresser: “Never blow dry your hair in a steamy bathroom, because it will turn your hair into a mass of frizz. Think about how your hair looks on a humid day — you get the picture. Instead, take your blow dryer into a cooler room and use it as minimally as possible.”

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