And yes, they are all from Kate Spade. I’m slightly obsessed with her and her brand – she makes things that are timeless, quality, cute and creative. As such, the following items are on my “must-have” list for winter:

1. Air Quote Mittens ($65) – Naturally, so that you can still make air quotes while keeping your fingers warm.

Hi 5 Mittens ($65) – I have to admit, I actually already own these from two seasons ago. Given the fact that they are still being sold on the site, they must continue to be a hit.

Bow Ski hat ($85) – Stay warm and fashionable even while on the slopes.

Ruby Ring Cocktail Gloves ($75) – Keep accessorized in the cold. Though, I wish they made these with a fake diamond placed on the left ring finger instead so that I can continue to prove that yes, he did put a ring on it.

Heart On Your Sleeve Long Mittens ($85) – Because it’s a heart… on your sleeve! (And because they are text-friendly with easy finger access underneath.)

Check them out and perhaps you’ll “ooh” and “aah” (queue the air quote mittens) like I did.