Regardless of your hair texture, we all know what it’s like to have that end-of-the-day hair that feels either too flat and stringy or too poofy and frizzy. On an evening when your after-work plan is to go home, change into your favorite pair of sweatpants and catch up on the latest Broad City episode, that’s no biggie. But what about those nights when your schedule is jam-packed, leaving little room to jush those locks in between work and plans with the girls or meeting your latest Tinder match? We have the perfect pick-me-up: a hair reset that can be done with just five minutes to spare. All you need is your favorite dry shampoo, a blowdryer and hair wax — all stashable items that will fit at your desk or in a travel bag.


  1. Step 1: Dry Shampoo


    Whether you’re a fine-haired gal that tends to get an oily scalp midday or you have a thicker head of hair that may frizz up after 3pm, a little dry shampoo is your friend, and if you use it correctly, it will become your can’t-live-without bestie. Simply spray it on your roots and lightly throughout your hair so it can get to work absorbing excess oils. Blend it in to give your hair added texture just like that. If your hair is fine, use a bristle brush. If you have thicker hair, just use your fingers.

  2. Step 2: Blow Dry


    Breathe a sigh of relief: this step does not mean that you need to give yourself a full-on blow out. You’re simply going under the blow drier for a few minutes, and here’s why: when you apply heat to your hair, the cuticles open up, making your hair smoother and more flexible. That makes it easier to shape and manipulate. So, focus the heat on your roots. Lift them them up for more volume, then blow dry the rest of your hair.

  3. Step 3: Twist + Wax


    Immediately after blow drying, use your fingers to piece together and shape your hair. Twisting your hair around your fingers while it’s still hot will give your hair a bit of a wave — think of this as a hack that replaces your flat iron or curling wand. If your hair is already curly, smooth the curls using the same technique. Once your curls are shaped, reinforce the ends with a styling gel or wax to help keep the shape. Bumble and bumble. Brilliantine ($28) is a styling oil that will meld your ends and leave you with a sheen that is not too oily and still very touchable.

  4. Endofdayhairresetfnal1

    Voilà! Our editorial director Lisa has transformed her hair in five minutes flat! You can do this at your office before heading out to happy hour, or even in the morning if you happen to oversleep. The trick is having a blow dryer on hand. Most of us have one at home, but if you don’t have one at the office to to take with you when you’re on the go, simply invest in a BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Travel Dryer ($22) that folds to fit in a a desk drawer or a roomy tote bag. This particular brand and model packs a serious punch for such a small device. That means bigger hair in even less time.

What are your quick fixes and/or favorite products for your end of day hair? Share in the comments below!