When not secretly tracking UFOs, engineers at the University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Laboratories are busy at work inventing a new kind of flat iron that dyes your hair. This is research well spent, we think — that pastelhairtrend isn’t going anywhere soon. If you’ve been dying to dye but feared the commitment, girlfriend, you are now officially out of excuses.

Instead of using chemicals like a traditional hair dye, the flat iron etches patterns onto individual strands (the patterns are actually inspired by crop circles. Coincidence?). Each etching reflects light in a different way so your hair appears to be a difference color. The device could “dye” your hair any number of colors, depending on the paddle you use. Unicorn rainbow hair just got super easy.

The device isn’t ready for shelves yet, but beta testing has shown so far that the flat iron prints color best on brown hair. Sorry, blondes; today, you don’t get to have more fun.

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Would you be a beta tester for this device? What color would you “dye” your hair first?

(h/t Daily Mail)