We have your wellness in mind in this week’s What’s App-ening. There are apps to help you work on your fitness, sleep better at night and stay informed while you do it. Seriously, if this app roundup was a meal, it would be a well-balanced, vitamin-filled breakfast fueling you to just, go out there and rock it. And if you want to top it all off with naughty, calorie-packed serving of something sweet, keep scrolling for some treats at the end.

1. Jawbone Up: We’ve been preeeetty pumped to unlock all that is Apple’s latest, greatest addition to the world of tech tracking your fitness, activity and general body wellness, HealthKit. Even if we don’t have a jewelry box of wearables. Yet. Seriously, they’re coming! We pre-ordered ‘em! Jawbone’s latest app brings the Up action to you even if you’re like us and still waiting on that wearable that’s shipping in Q1. Use the app to track what you’re eating, how much you’re stepping and how well you’re sleeping — all sans band.

Cost: Free for iOS and coming soon for Android

2. Flic: You have seen your fair share of apps that call in Tinder’s swipe function at this point, but forget the rest, this one’s THE BEST. That’s because it’s here to clean out your camera roll, which we know can always benefit from a harsher editorial eye. Swipe left to trash those selfie rejects, screenshots of “I can’t believe he texted that” and whatever is already on Instagram. We can’t wait ‘til they can harness the power of the swipe for other areas that need cleaning out: our closets, our desks, our fridges, our purses.

Cost: $.99 for iOS

3. Sleepio: With over a quarter of the US population reporting sleep problems, we think this particular download might be useful for, oh, millions of you. Your own personal sleep expert (see that little guy!) will help you catch Zzzs through Sleepio’s evidence-based program that focuses on cognitive behavior, not pills. This is another that works with HealthKit, and even integrates with Jawbone if you are rocking the Up.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. Snap by Groupon: After acquiring SnapSaves, a grocery app that hails from Canada, (LOVE Degrassi, btw!) Groupon is ready to bring a new kind of savings to your cell. Forget contemplating laser hair removal or pondering whether you need to go on another cupcake walking tour, Groupon’s new app wants to help you get cash back on groceries. Super easily. Just shop for the stuff you need, take a picture of your receipt, and you could get $1 back if you purchased a gallon of milk, or a quarter if you bought a bunch of bananas. Skim through their weekly offers for what purchases will put money back in your pocket.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

5. SmartNews: Last week a Tweeter tweeted asking what our favorite news apps were around here and it just so happens there’s a new news app we thought you might want to check out. Its algorithm promises to bring the best of the web to the front page in your pocket + will even notify you of the top headlines in three-a-day pushes if you like. One of our favorite features is the promise of “zero-load time” and the ability to read articles when you don’t have Internet connection (something our other go-to Pocket is lacking).

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

An App to Keep an Eye On

Sway: The new kid on the Microsoft Office block is about to catapult to most popular status stat. You’ll be able to use it to make gorgeous presentations, reports and projects like the ones here in one place, seamlessly shifting from phone to tablet to computer to do it.

Bonus: iCYMI Edition

LOLy App: Tequila shots and Louboutin shoes are just a sampling of the emoji in the latest app to fill your phone with emoticons lacking in the standard set.

VidCode: Yo, girl, it’s time you got coding. Here’s an app with a unique, creative spin.

Quick: Simple, but you know you want it: Add text to photos with this free app.

What was your favorite app download of the week? Share below!