We鈥檝e all had to do the last minute scramble to find someone to watch our precious little pup(s) for an out of town work trip or a surprise getaway. It鈥檚 kind of like a never ending game of tail chasing, but it鈥檚 peace of mind that鈥檚 a hair out of reach as we ask around, barter with buds and read Yelp reviews that make us just want to cancel that romantic weekend with our boo and stay home already.

New app DoggyBnB (barely in its puppy stages) wants to help you fetch the perfect person to watch your pooch. With a couple swipes and a social network filled with vetted strangers as trustworthy as your family鈥檚 golden retriever, planning your summer vacay just became slightly less stressful.

DoggyBnB is a pup-friendly community filled with Buddies and Boarders 鈥 hence the BnB! Create a profile as a dog owner or dog sitter and link it up so that you go from strangers to friends of friends with others in the canine community. Send out a 鈥淲oof鈥 if you鈥檙e looking for someone to watch Lassie and read reviews of Boarders offering their services. Payment happens through the app, promising to cut down on the awkward 鈥渇avor鈥 thing. No, sorry, you can鈥檛 pay a dog sitter to scoop poop in favors from your trip abroad.

Now let鈥檚 talk the Tinder connection. Sure the lucky few are getting hitched to their Tinder matches and even the celebrities are using it these days, but maybe the thing that makes the app most addictive isn鈥檛 the promise of finding true love, it鈥檚 the simple swiping function. More apps are following suit including one for shoes, another for recruiters sifting through job applications and now DoggyBnB features the right/left yay/nay in a section of the app called 鈥淪niffer.鈥 Swipe through profiles of nearby friends with Fidos to find someone to accompany you and your pooches for a dog walk or a fetch in the park. Yup, Sniffer will help you find a playdate 鈥 for you鈥 and/or woman鈥檚 best friend.

Whether you鈥檙e a Buddy, a Boarder or a Sniffer, sign up on the site to get access for the app when it鈥檚 ready to download. Until then, a nice, pleading Facebook status and a little leap of faith will have to do. And about that Tinder for Toto part? Looks like you鈥檒l have to let Bowzer off the leash IRL to see what and who he can sniff out.

Are you a dog owner or a dog sitter + would you use DoggyBnB? What for? Share your thoughts below!