We couldn’t possibly be more onboard with the growing trend of apps and programs that teach young women to code. We’re even bigger fans of the latest we’ve clicked across, led by a team of passionate ladies changing the game by challenging even our own assumptions of what coding can do. Yup, that’s what VidCode has accomplished. And, you guys read that part about it also empowering young girls and teens to learn programming skills, right? Just makin’ sure.

When you think coding, you might just think of it as the framework for building the next big app or game. Cool, but that might not be the kind of coded art you want to create. VidCode is showing girls how to program in a different context by helping them connect tech with design and art, further putting that “A” in STEAM.

VidCode is (surprise surprise) a video coding app that lets girls design filters and special effects for films they make themselves. Budding coders can then upload their videos to social media to share with friends and become YouTube stars in a whole new, very awesome way.


After speaking with girls about their hobbies and what they liked and didn’t about coding, the founders discovered that many girls didn’t associate tech with creative outlets, finding it boring and too regimented. But by discovering creative ways to use code, VidCode hopes to flip that opinion around, proving to young women that programming can be fun, colorful and super interesting.

The app, which is currently working to get funding on Kickstarter, will not only teach girls a handy skill to boast about on their future resumes, but will open up a whole new world of using code to work with mediums and creative outlets they love. And that’s something we can totally “Like,” too.

What do you think of the latest coding app to join the programs teaching your little one what’s up? Would you share it with the girls in your life? Tell us below!