A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with words is worth a thousand and then some. For ages (well, ages in app time) we’ve been using Over‘s beautiful text overlays to jazz up our photos and make Pinterest-worthy creations. The makers of Over realized that some of their users didn’t need all the fancy tricks, but they did need something fast. In response, they created a pared-down, speedier version of their app called Quick, which was just released in September and is free on iOS.

“People put text on photos to accomplish a myriad of tasks; selling things on craigslist, making memes, storing ingredients, sending personalized photos to friends and more. We designed Quick with these people in mind. They don’t need a lot of features, they need speed,” says Aaron Marshall, CEO of Over. The new, streamlined app will get your images in and out and posted all over the Internet before you can say “Boo.”

Quick’s features include an extra large view of your recent photos so you can pick your best one quickly with just a tap. Once you’ve chosen your photo, you can select from 16 distinct, specially curated fonts (there are 16 more available with an in-app purchase, as well as the ability to create unwatermarked images). You can try out all the fonts by swiping through, and you can adjust the color, size and placement of the text as well.

Once your text overlay is to your liking, share directly to WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, or just save it to your camera roll to use later. Hope you’re ready for the barrage of picture text messages you are about to get from us…

Check out Quick in action:

What could your picture be saying right now? Let us know in the comments!