tFrom the smokey festivities of 4/20 to Chipotle announcing it now has delivery service, a lot has gone down this week. Side note: why those two didn鈥檛 happen on the same day, we鈥檙e really not sure. If you鈥檙e in need of some R&R this weekend or are permanently parked TV-side awaiting the royal baby鈥檚 arrival, here are 9 projects to tackle before Monday鈥檚 return.

1. Floral Bike Handlebars: If you鈥檙e really feeling the effects of spring, why not show the world via your daily commute? (via Lovely Indeed)

2. Mother鈥檚 Day Candles: Mother鈥檚 Day is going to be here before you know it (it鈥檚 May 10th, FYI). Don鈥檛 leave dear old mom hanging. Pick out a favorite pic of the two of you and transfer it onto a plain candle using tissue paper, wax paper and a heat gun (or blowdryer). Psst鈥 more gifts for mom this way! (via Brit + Co)

3. Box Lid Jewelry Tray: Have a basic cardboard box lid lying around? Squeeze on a few different paint colors, swirl it around and voila! Your earring studs and bobby pins finally have a marbled home. (via Paper + Stitch)

4. Knotted Jersey Headband: Looking for a way to reuse that old t-shirt? Looks like you just found it. The model for Rosie the Riveter may have passed away yesterday, but you can help keep her spirit alive by making this 30-minute knotted headband. All you need is a little bit of jersey fabric (it鈥檚 important that it has a little stretch) to get started. (via Pearl and Scissors)

5. Blake Lively Cherry Blossom Jeans: Blake鈥檚 jeans are awesome, but they鈥檒l set you back a whopping $500. While the price tag is high, it鈥檚 for a good cause: the maker of this distressed denim is donating the proceeds to art therapy programs at the Children鈥檚 Presbyterian Hospital. If you love the jeans and the cause but don鈥檛 have half a grand to spend, we suggest DIY-ing your own pair and making a cash donation your wallet鈥檚 more comfortable with. (via Brit + Co)

6. Lilly Pulitzer-Inspired Scarf: Were you robbed of all the items on your Lilly Pulitzer + Target wishlist? Fear not: here鈥檚 how to DIY your own version of the pretty, floral scarf featured in the line, no overnight campout required. (via The Occasional Hobbyist)

7. Lavender Sachets: Want to keep those drawers of yours smelling fresh? Make a few of these little sachets and fill them with dried lavender or another scent of your choosing. Pop these in your dresser, hang one in your closet and definitely put one in that gym bag. (via Brit + Co)

8. Triangle Shelves: Easy, minimal and oh-so-chic. Those basic rectangular shelves ain鈥檛 got nothing on these geometric pieces. (via Burkatron)

9. Confetti Jewelry: The secret to these fun, speckled pieces? A $3 bottle of nail polish! Use it to decorate anything from a pair of earrings to a tasseled pendant. (via Brit + Co)

What projects do you have planned for the weekend? Share with us in the comments below.