There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning, but, no doubt, two of the most fun (and colorful!) pieces are choosing your flowers and doing that cake tasting. Of course, they’re even better when you put the two together. These beautiful cakes are loaded with florals — from the real deal to the paper kind to the ones painted on in sugar! — for a stunning centerpiece that’s almost as gorgeous as you’ll be on your big day. And yes, they’re almost too pretty to eat!

1. Paper Petals: What you almost don’t see behind this gorgeous plumage of paper flowers is a non-traditional wedding cake. What we love most is how the color makes the big blooms pop! (via Wedding Chicks)

2. Water Color Magic: We love this new wedding trend! Instead of using real blooms or sugar fakes, cake artists are painting on flowers instead. This bright version almost looks like a watercolor painting. (via Ruffled)

3. Orange and Coral Cake: Is it just us or do you want to pluck these sugar buds right off the cake? The 3D texture gives this poppy cake a whole lot of personality. (via Inspired by This)

4. Go Gold: Metallic fondant stripes really make these white peonies… pardon the pun… bloom! Highlight the gold with hints of it inside the flowers too. (via Brides)

5. Wrap Around: If you’re not into using the real guys, try this 2D version of florals on your cake. Made from sugar, this flatter (but still textured!) design adds a hit of color to your cake without overpowering it. (via Every Last Detail)

6. Technicolor Rosebuds: Fondant and sugar rosebuds are a classic addition to any cake, but add a technicolor twist of bright colors (plus a few butterflies) and you’ve got one eye-popping dessert. (via Cake Central)

7. Pastel Petals: There’s a whole lotta flower on this cake, but you almost have to look close to find it! That’s because the ombre design is light enough to add beautiful color without drawing attention away from the bride and groom. (via Project Wedding)

8. A Rose by Any Other Name: Where’s the best spot for some flowers? On a trellis, of course! Create a dessert version of a beautiful garden with a gold trellis on your cake, topped with some real (or paper) petals. (via Cakes Decor)

9. Something Blue: Here’s your something blue and your something new! Frost your cake blue then top it with a new take on pretty petals for this tropical vibe. (via Wedding Chicks)

10. Pretty Minis: What’s not to love about this towering dessert? The mini flowers are so adorable and look like they’re shooting off the cake! (via Want That Wedding)

11. Metallic Garden: All that shimmers is gold, and all that shimmers with flowers is absolutely golden! Make an all-metallic cake even more dazzling with a few blooms on top. (via Bodas Novias)

12. Drawn On: Another great design inspired by art! This whimsical cake looks straight out of the pages of your coolest sketch book. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

13. Cascade Down: Ombre-patterned flowers cascade down these tiers for a stunning display. Make the center flower the star with a beautiful, almost quilted design. (via The Caketress Blog)

14. Sketch Artist: Not every flower is alike, so it’s okay for your floral cakes to be a little abstract. Lay a hydrangea-inspired design onto your top tiers in a bright and poppy color. (via Sweet Rose Studio)

15. Right On Top: Skip the bride and groom toppers and opt for flowers instead! Choose a bouquet that matches your bridesmaids’, and delicately add them to your top tier. (via Yum Sugar)

16. Triple Tiers: No tier is alike on this cake, but the middle guy really stands out! This is the type of floral cake that goes perfectly with autumn nuptials. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

17. Stand Out: Your cake shouldn’t be the only piece in on the fun! Decorate a rustic cake stand (this one’s made of tree stumps!) and its surroundings with matching flowers. (via Project Wedding)

18. On a Pedestal: This cake is for the Southern girly girl. Loaded with tons of charm it has everything from flowers and polka dots… all leading to one super cute cake topper! (via Southern Weddings)

19. Cover Up: Charm your guests with this build up of all-white petals. Go for the same by mixing different types of flowers together, but keep them all in one color family. (via Colin Cowie Weddings)

20. Ombre Delight: After you’ve picked your wedding colors, create a cake that starts with a layer of petaled, ombre icing, then reverses the color palette in full-on flower mode. (via Weddings by Lilly)

21. Vintage Perfection: Old school is the new cool and this one takes the cake for originality. The brushed on florals and black stripe detailing make this cake look like it’s covered in wallpaper. (via Brides)

22. Orange Chic: Who said flowers are just for spring and summer weddings? With orange hues, this buttercream cake can go straight into the fall! (via Bridal Musings)

23. Monogram Madness: After you’ve floral-fied your cake, add an equally garden-inspired monogram to your top tier. (via Brides)

Going floral for your wedding? What seasonal blooms are you adding to your cake and decor? Tell us below or on Facebook!