As much as we’d love to outfit our homes to look like a Pinterest-infused dream, that’s not exactly a reality when you’re a 20-something living in the city. Space and money are tight, and you’re never really sure whether or not the landlord is going to double the rent, leaving you to start anew somewhere else. And while IKEA does a pretty good job of furnishing the homes of young, urban dwellers, there is a newcomer to the small-space living game, and they’re kind of genius. Introducing: Floyd.

Floyd all started last year when they launched a campaign on Kickstarter. They wanted to create a leg that you can use to transform any surface into a table. Not surprisingly, the campaign was a major success. The leg now comes in varying heights, which you can use for everything from a bar cart to a dining table to a coffee table.

Staying true to their original concept, Floyd has just released a bunch of new products that are perfect for urban dwellers. The new additions include a bench and shelf that you can make from any flat surface, a coat rack that takes up almost no space and a candle holder that’s perfect for a tiny bathroom or some immediate mood lighting.

The designs are simple, sleek and practical, but what stands out most about the pieces is that they come delivered to you in a carrying case (kind of like a tent does) and require no tools for assembly. So, if you’re one of those people who ends up moving every few years, these pieces are super easy to pack up and rebuild elsewhere.

Also, investing in a piece of furniture from Floyd won’t break the bank. The Floyd Utility Set, which allows you to create a heavily used table or workspace, retails for $285. The coat rack comes in at $145 and the shelf is just $85. BRB, just ordering one of everything.

What is your favorite space-saving piece of furniture? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Floyd)