Living in your dream city comes at a cost — a cost we usually pay in square footage. The median rental price for a studio or one-bedroom apartment in the U.S. is $769, according to Apartment Guide. But how does that pan out in major cities around the country? AppFolio put together 13 possible apartments in different cities, all carrying that same price tag. Ready to see how much square footage that $769 will get you in your city?

Whether you’re just moving out on your own after graduation or you’re feeling the urge to expand your family, you might want to consider Portland or Phoenix, where you can get double the space as you can in some of the more expensive-per-square-foot cities.

Coming in at the #1 most expensive rental is San Francisco, followed closely by LA, New York and San Diego. If you’re willing to consider a major move, Detroit, Phoenix and Dallas are looking pretty enticing with all that extra square footage. But whether you’re living like royalty in a one-bedroom in Portland or scrounging for space in a closet-sized studio in San Francisco, we think if you’re living in your dream town, it’s all totally worth it.

Would you consider a move across the country to get a more space for your dollar? Talk to us in the comments below!

(h/t Mashable)