Google tracks our every move and Facebook knows our innermost desires, then advertises them to us. So it should be NBD that a new app wants to watch your family聽and friends鈥 every move in the name of security.

Folr helps you track your family by keeping tabs on their locations, using phones as tracking聽GPS devices. Users designate friends and family into groups of people they want to follow. Then, the followed can allow (or deny) the user to do so. The technology is not all that different from how Google tracks phones to estimate traffic times, except this one might tip off mom to grounding you because you鈥檙e deeeefinitely not where you said you were on a school night, young lady.

If you鈥檙e worried that this all sounding a little too聽Big Brother,聽just know that privacy is guaranteed. The followed can activate or deactivate the days and times they want to be tracked or whether they accept a follower in the first place. So if you were planning on using this to stalk your teenager, it ain鈥檛 going to happen. PHEW.

The app鈥檚 intentions are to protect and keep track of family members and friends, which means it could be a helpful resource聽in schools or at large events and festivals. Not to mention when you鈥檙e just trying to meet up with pal at the park or flying into an airport and dear old dad is tasked with picking you and all your bags up for your weeklong stay.

Would you use this to keep tabs on your family and loved ones? We want to hear your opinion below.