Is it just us or is everyone getting on the smart ride/smart gadget for your bike train? We’ve recently seen a slew of products being launched in the market. And we kind of get it… all those Public Bikes and Martone Gramercys blind with their beauty. But once you get your new, super sick ride home, you’ll realize something: You can’t leave it out anywhere, because everyone is going to want to steal it. Forehead slap.

Don’t beat yourself up. There’s an anti-bike-theft solution, and it’s called Skylock.

The shape of the Skylock might be nearly identical to your typical u-lock, but the similarities end there. Not only does it offer keyless entry, but it also alerts you to potential theft, allows you to share your ride with friends or renters and, if you get in an accidents, it calls for help.

It was designed by engineers who used to work for Boeing and Jawbone… so yeah… after working on tanks, planes and helicopters, the twosome realized bikes are kind of old school… which is why we kind of love them. But if you’ve ever had the misfortune of having your two-wheeler taken from you, you know how painful and expensive the separation is.

With Skylock, you can take your ride on a coffee date without having to keep one eye constantly on your baby. If someone so much as touches it, you’ll get an alert letting you know that your goods are being tampered with. Head outside, shoot them that piercing evil eye and get back to your drip. The system isn’t totally perfect. The app can only notify you when the lock is connected to nearby WiFi or if you’re within 30 feet of the Skylock to make use of the Bluetooth connectivity. In that case, it might be best for keeping it safe when locked up at home.

Let’s talk about that keyless entry. If you already have it for your car, you know how awesome it is to walk up to your wheels and have the doors automatically unlock for you. This is like that. In fact, it uses the same Bluetooth 4.0 as your keyless car entry. You can even set the unlock range via the accompanying app. Want to loan your bike to a pal? They can use the keyless entry too. As long as they have the app, available on both iOS and Android. The creators are even working on functionality that will let you rent your bike out, kind of like Airbnb meets Zipcar meets Spinlister.

So how do you unlock your bike if you don’t have your phone? Just enter a code on the built-in Simon-type device.

If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like BitLock, it sort of is. But unlike BitLock, which runs on two lithium batteries, Skylock is powered by the sun. Right about now Seattleites are worried — but so long as mother nature graces your city with at least one hour of sunlight, your Skylock will be charged for the entire week. If you really do live in Mordor, there’s a tiny USB port for charging via your phone battery.

Alright, now’s the time to talk about every biker’s and every mother of a biker’s biggest fear — accidents. If you get into one, Skylock feels the jolt and sends you a message asking if you’re alright. If you fail to respond after a certain number of seconds, it sends for help and can notify up to three contacts. While this is pretty cool, it does make me a little nervous. When I have a tumble, I’m usually stunned for several seconds or just go into shocked fits of crying. Checking my phone is one of the last things on my mind when I’m looking at my scraped up palms. If we could set the timer, that would be ideal.

Skylock is looking to raise $50,000. We suggest pledging your funds before the lock goes to market. It will retail for $249, but you can snag yours this month for $159. Units are expected to ship at the beginning of 2015. Until then, you’ll have to keep your eagle eyes on your ride.

Have a ride worthy of a $249 bike lock? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!