Our skin goes through a lot every day and can take a number of turns depending on how we eat, what the weather’s like or if we’re feeling stressed (among other endless factors). That’s why skincare + skincare products are so important, especially while we’re smack dab in the middle of indulgent holidays and teeth-chattering temps (are you still wearing that winter SPF!?). More often than not, our favorite makeup products are lacking in that TLC department, but we found a really quick + easy way for you to hack ’em to be as good for your skin as they make it look. The trick? Adding a few drops of face serum to your everyday foundation. Not only will this extra step help you through whatever skin symptom you may be having (serums are great like that), but it will also give your skin a more dewy finish.


The foundation I’m currently crushing on is Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Brightening Sunscreen Makeup ($36) because it’s lightweight, feels natural and on its own possesses awesome hydrating properties. One of my favorite go-to face serums is the Fig and Yarrow Facial Serum ($38) because it’s full of essential oils that not only smell divine but also make your skin feel nourished and give a radiant glow immediately. Combined, it’s coverage + care perfection.

The Hack: Add Serum to Your Foundation


Add a few drops of your foundation to either on the back of your hand or into a small ramekin, then add one to two drops of face serum to the mix. You can use a foundation brush or your finger to gently mix the concoction together.

Application: Use a Brush for a Natural Look


Apply the mixture to your face with a synthetic foundation brush, making downward strokes to blend into your skin for a natural glowing finish. It’s that easy.

Even if your skin is in good shape, this is a step that you can and may want to consider incorporating into your regimen just for the added skincare benefits. If you don’t like the idea of mixing the two products together, you can always apply your serum first and then immediately apply your foundation before the serum is fully absorbed to get a similar effect but a little more coverage. It’s a lazy girl hack even the most beauty-obsessed gals can stand by.

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What are your go-to hydration treatments that you use to combat the cold winter air?