Winter has a lot of upsides — beautiful snow-covered trees, warm cups of cocoa by the fire, ice skating with your S.O. and general holiday cheeriness. On the other hand, winter can also be seriously harsh on your entire beauty routine. Your hair, skin and nails become more susceptible to damage and breakage in the arid, frosty weather, so avoiding beauty bummers is of utmost importance. To keep your winter days as fun-filled and fancy-free as possible, check out these five common winter beauty issues and learn how you can fix and prevent them.

If you have staticky, frizzy hair:

winter beauty 1

1. It’s a 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Conditioner ($20): During winter, it’s in your best interest to restrict shampooing to every other day to avoid that awful static cling sensation. Keeping hair conditioned in addition to allowing your hair’s natural oils to build up a little will make sure your locks are moisturized and smooth.

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2. Wigo Cushion 100% Boar Bristle Brush ($25): Plastic brushes and combs can actually be huge contributors to static buildup in your hair as you use them. For the winter months, switch over to an all-natural boar bristle brush with a wooden handle to avoid that struck-by-lightning look.

If your nails are brittle and dry:

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3. The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil ($12): Winter chill makes fingernails become dry and prone to breakage. To save your nail beds and keep cuticles from peeling, apply a repairing almond oil each night before bed to keep them moisturized and in their best shape.

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4. Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener ($7): If you’re extra concerned about maintaining your nails for future holiday manis, keep them protected with a coat or two of a nail-strengthening polish. With a chic glossy finish, weak nails will be sealed in to prevent any ripping and breaking that could otherwise occur.

If you have chapped, cracked lips:

winter beauty 5

5. LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub ($10): Slough off dead and dry skin with this gentle and sweet-tasting sugar lip scrub. Vegan and natural ingredients turn super dry lips smooth and soft with the added bonus of that tingly feeling only fresh peppermint can provide.

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6. EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm ($3): After you rid your pout of dead skin, make sure lips stay hydrated and smooth with a balm. EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm conditions lips with the help of Shea butter and vitamins C + E. It’s 99% natural, and with no added color, it’s easily wearable underneath your favorite lipstick or gloss.

If chilly winds make your eye makeup run:

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7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($10): Apply a thin coat of this eye primer to your lids to prevent your eyeshadow from melting off and your eyeliner from budging all day long, even when a particularly freezing wind gust makes you teary. Psst: This Urban Decay primer is currently on sale for half off, so get it before it’s gone!

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8. Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara ($26): One word: waterproof. This mascara is long-wearing, so forget about clumps and crumbles. Get mega defined and darkened lashes without having to worry about whether or not your mascara is streaking down your cheeks as you go about your blustery winter day.

If you have flaking and cracking foundation:

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9. CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM SPF 30 ($15): One of the most important factors in getting a flawless foundation application is having a well-moisturized base to work with. This lightweight formula is ideal for daily morning use before putting on makeup. With the addition of SPF 30, your skin will also be protected from the harmful UV rays reflecting off all that fallen snow.

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10. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 ($39): Powder foundations have a tendency to get a little cakey, and this becomes even more noticeable in the winter months when the cold zaps skin’s moisture. This BB cream from Smashbox gives buildable medium-to-full coverage, hydrates and shields your sensitive facial skin with SPF 35.

What’s your biggest winter beauty pet peeve? Share with us in the comments!