Fox News host Sean Hannity found himself in hot water last week when he defended Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore after he was accused of having multiple sexual encounters with teen girls — one of whom was 14 at the time of her assault — while he was in his 30s. During an episode of The Hannity Report, the host told viewers to give the candidate, “the benefit of the doubt,” causing a number of companies, including Keurig, to pull their ads from his show.

After Hannity expressed his hope that Moore and others accused of assault were given the benefit of the doubt, Twitter user Angelo Carusone reached out to Keurig, saying, “You are currently sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show. He defends child molester Roy Moore and attacks women who speak out against sexual harassment. Please reconsider.” The coffee maker company did, responding swiftly to the Tweet.

Along with Keurig, the companies 23 and Me, Eloquii, and Nature’s Bounty have all now pulled their ads from Hannity’s show. But so far, it’s the instant coffee company that’s getting the most ire from fans of Fox News, who are destroying their coffee machines in protest and hashtagging the destruction #boycottKeurig.

Not everyone is joining in on destroying perfectly good (and not inexpensive!) coffee makers, however. Many support Keurig’s choice to pull their ads off Hannity’s show, while others have pointed out how amusing it is that some people are even going so far as to buy new Keurig machines only to smash them.

This isn’t the first time *this year* that advertisers have pulled out of Hannity’s show. Just three months ago, Media Matters called for a boycott of the show — which led to Cadillac and E-Trade pulling their ads — after Hannity’s response to the protests in Charlottesville, where he turned the white supremacists acts into a diatribe against those who would, “bludgeon the president and conservatives politically.”

Initially, company had pulled their ads from Hannity’s show as well, but have since backtracked on their statement. The website’s parent company is owned by Rupert Murdoch — the head of Fox News and it’s subsidiaries.

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(Photo via Joe Raedle/Getty)