With Christmas only a week away, we are in full-on holiday mode over here at Brit HQ. Whether that means cooking up the most adorable Christmas cookies ever or helping you check off your shopping list with the best of the best from our holiday gift guides, we’re trying to help you live your best festive life this season. And you’d better believe that means some free printable Christmas decorations from our Free Printable Friday series. The foldable 3D gem ornaments below will take your tree to the next level, and you’ll probably want to keep them hanging around all year long. Scroll on for the deets and get ready to print, cut and fold your way to a modern and colorful tree. Happy (holiday) printing!


These gorgeous gems can be printed on any color of card stock paper. You could print ’em on a mix of colors or choose a more monotone vibe with one color. We chose to go with a mix of pinks, reds, purples and blues for a super colorful tree.


Ready to make some for your own tree? See the directions below, queue up your Netflix, get cozy and start creating.


Materials + Tools:



Print out the templates on thick colored card stock. Then use the X-ACTO knife and a ruler (metal works best!) to cut out the templates along the solid lines.


After the template is cut out, start folding on all of the dotted lines. Your metal ruler might be helpful to get the first few folds super crisp.


After all the folds are made, find the black dot toward where the top of the ornament will be. Use the X-ACTO knife to poke a hole. Then grab your pretty string and cut a six-inch piece. Fold the string and tie a knot at the end. Insert the tied end into the hole at the top of the ornament.


Now you can get to gluing! Use tacky glue or a hot glue gun to build your gem. If you’re having a hard time pressing the small folds to the larger piece, try using the eraser end of a pencil and hold it down for five seconds to dry.


Continue for as many pretty gem ornaments as your heart desires. Then get ready to deck your tree with these rockin’ decorations.


We want to see how you style your gem-filled Christmas tree! Share the finished result with us on Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #iamcreative. And check out our other awesome Free Printable Friday finds here.

Designs: Rosee Canfield

Photo Styling: Katie Bond

DIY production: Katie Bond

Photography: Brittany Griffin