After battling strangers for those sweet Black Friday deals and loading up your virtual shopping cart on Cyber Monday… and all those other days too, you deserve some credit for finding the perfect gift for everyone. Store-bought gift tags are probably the last thing on your long holiday to-do list, and we know there’s no way you’re running out to buy one more thing. Stay in your cozy slippers, pour yourself a cup of cocoa and let the printer do the work for you with these 20 free, printable gift tags. Your gift will never be the lone mystery box under the tree again.


1. Black, White and Red Chalkboard: A dash of red on these black and white gift tags adds a bit of fun to a classic message. Add some kraft paper wrapping and a silver sharpie for the name and your gifts are ready. (via The Celebration Shoppe)


2. Typographic: These hand-lettered gift tags would be perfect to adorn your handmade gift, and you don’t even need a color printer. (via Eat Drink Chic)


3. Nice and Simple: With nine different designs to choose from, these simple gift tags will go with almost any wrapping paper. (via She Wears Many Hats)


4. Modern Silhouettes: Skip the stuffed deer head and give the gift of a silhouette. The deer will thank you. (via The Plumed Nest)

ho ho ho

5. Ho Ho Ho: Even if Santa didn’t bring you a digital cutter for Christmas last year, you can still print an uncut version of these tags. (via Mel Stampz)

color me meg

6. Colorful Tags and Prints: Grab the small tags or the large prints to decorate your home for the holidays. Reuse paper grocery bags and really save on your gift wrapping. (via Color Me Meg)

Printable Christmas Gift Tags [Funny Christmas Movie Quotes] │ thehappytulip

7. Christmas Movie Quotes: Lighten up the family tension with some humorous gift tags filled with quotes from the best holiday movies. These might not be meant for the top of your sweet grandma’s gift, but the filthy animal in your family will appreciate them. (via The Happy Tulip)

black and white hearts

8. Black and White Watercolor: Adding a polka-dot backing to your tag creates a whole new gift tag dimension. And we are liking it a lot. (via A Pair and a Spare)


9. Tag with Pocket: Make the family work for their gifts. They gotta check all the pockets. (via Eat Drink Chic)


10. Hand-Lettered Calligraphy: Simple and sophisticated calligraphy turns any gift tag into a beauty. Next year, you can write calligraphy yourself with one simple class. (via Muffin Grayson)

chalkboard cozy

11. Chalkboard Style: You better believe we will stay cozy while opening presents on Christmas morning. (via Poppy Talk)

special delivery

12. Mercantile-Inspired: These bold tags are multi-tasking geniuses. Top them on your gifts, print them on adhesive paper for sticker tags or cut them out and use them in your scrapbook. (via Design Editor)


13. Made By: If you are handing out handmade gifts this year, these are the tags for you. Whether it’s knitted or baked, the receiver will know how much love you put into your gift. (via Design Sponge)

bear and deer

14. Bear and Deer: Grace the bear and Sofie the deer are two charming animals that will beautify any pretty gift. (via Creature Comforts)


15. Geometric: Make two holes instead of one and string some colorful ribbon through. Your gift tag will be the center of attention. (via Tomfo)


16. Festive: Even if you haven’t done your shopping yet, downloading these gift tags will make you feel one step ahead of the game. (via The Lovely Drawer)


17. Ugly Sweater: As tacky as they are, ugly Christmas sweaters are still an easy way to bring a smile to someone’s face. This gift tag is sure to do the same. (via Love vs. Design)


18. Watercolor: These tags radiate elegance. Keep the wrapping simple and add these watercolor gift tags for a gift that is nothing short of stunning. (via M Stetson)


19. Antique: Little birds with winter hats and earmuffs add some much needed cuteness to some plain kraft paper. (via Kelli Murray)


20. Yuletide Set: Nobody can say no to a wrinkly dog, which means you should print these asap. (via Kelli Murray)

What are your favorite printable gift tags? Let us know in the comments below!