Making your wedding dreams come true is easier said than done, especially if you鈥檙e on a budget and without a professional planner. There鈥檚 a million things to think about and keep track of: all your DIY to-dos, vendors, and, of course, communicating with your bridal party (oy vey!). What if we said you can manage all of that craziness within one *free* app designed specifically for brides-to-be? Hold onto your veil, because that鈥檚 exactly what we鈥檙e here to talk about! Check out all the tasks you can accomplish with the simplifying aid of our new favorite wedding app, LadyMarry.

1. Customize your checklist. Instead of carrying around that 10-pound binder full of loose papers, simply tote around your phone (as if you weren鈥檛 already going to) and have the LadyMarry app handy 24/7. It takes your tasks and turns them into one digital checklist that you鈥檒l never lose track of and can update instantly as you knock out all of your big-day to-dos.

2. Invite vendors and book bundles. Dominating the wedding checklist game isn鈥檛 all you鈥檒l be doing. LadyMarry boasts a three-step process to aid in nailing down your theme, finding your vendors, and booking the date for your big day (eeeek!). If you鈥檙e just starting out and totally clueless, no worries! Check out this handy chart from the app that breaks down everything you鈥檒l need to plan.

3. Organize and track. Once you鈥檝e got all your vendors booked and your to-dos written, it鈥檚 time to go to work. Track every expense and see the progress you鈥檙e making on a daily basis as you count down to your nuptials. The colored progress bars make it a cinch to see what鈥檚 remaining and add a colorful dash of fun to the process.

4. Collaborate. Here鈥檚 the feature that pushes this app to over-the-top amazing. Sometimes the most stressful part of wedding prep (even with all the resources, apps, and planners in the world) is keeping friends, family, and your spouse-to-be on the same page. LadyMarry encourages you to connect, connect, connect! You can even add your vendors to the in-app conversations so the flow of communication is continual and stress-free.

Now that鈥檚 more than just your average wedding app! It鈥檚 a whole slew of services that will make all of the prep and to-dos as relaxed as possible. Check out more of the app鈥檚 wedding services here, then start focusing on the wonder of the day, instead of the stresses of planning.

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