Acrylic Invites Are the Latest Wedding Trend Filling Up *All* Your Feeds
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Acrylic Invites Are the Latest Wedding Trend Filling Up *All* Your Feeds

When it comes to planning all things wedding, starting your design off right with the perfect invitations can be just as important (if not more!) as choosing a cool venue and finding a stunning non-traditional wedding dress. If you two lovebirds are big fans of ultra-modern design, get ready to go beyond that traditional invitation with an option that’s so creative you’ll have your guests anticipating your big day from the moment they open it. Scroll on to see 20 chic acrylic wedding invitations that will make your edgy wedding design dreams come true.

1. Winter Wonderland Acrylic Invitations: To call this winter-inspired acrylic invitation amazing would be an understatement. It includes hand-placed crystals combined with a luxurious silver metallic ink. (via ARTIESE Studio / Ink and Paper)

2. Modern Garden Acrylic Invitations: This invitation set is truly fit for modern spring nuptials. Add some pastel envelopes with vintage stamps for a charming invitation to your backyard soiree. (via Matthew Moore Photography / 100 Layer Cake)

3. Calligraphy-Inspired Acrylic Invitations: Let your personality shine through with a stunning modern calligraphy acrylic invitation that you and your partner can cherish for years to come. (via ARTIESE Studios / Oh So Beautiful Paper)

4. Modern Chic Acrylic Invitations: If you and your bae are going for a more formal vibe but still want to keep things edgy, there’s no better invitation to send than this square acrylic invite. (via Mango Studios / Rachel A. Clingen)

5. Watercolor Acrylic Invitations: Pretty watercolor washes mixed in with your acrylic invitations will give you all the feels. (via Taylor Lord Photography / Hey Wedding Lady)

6. Geometric Moss Acrylic Invitations: Invite your guests to your garden-chic party with these super unique moss invites. (via Yonder Design)

7. Charming Gem Acrylic Invitations: Sometimes all your wedding invitations need is a bit of sparkle on a geometric-shaped design. (via Gerber Scarpelli Weddings / Sugar x Gold)

8. Hand-Lettered Acrylic Invitations: If you’re one of the lucky souls that have seriously stunning handwriting, go ahead and DIY your acrylic invitations. Just be sure you use metallic markers and some bold envelopes to complete the edgy look. (via Sarah Libby Photography / Ruffled)

9. Simple Calligraphy Acrylic Invitations: Simple calligraphy and sans serif font prove once again how less can make a big design impact.

10. Industrial Glam Acrylic Invites: Who says wedding crests are a thing of the past? Add yours to your envelopes for an overall cohesive look. (via Alexis June / Ruffled)

11. Modern Whimsical Acrylic Invitations: The beauty of acrylic wedding invites is that you can keep them as simple as you want and they will still shine. (via Mademoiselle Fiona / Green Wedding Shoes)

12. Dramatic Modern Acrylic Invitations: These cool-yet-simple acrylic invites totally set the mood of an intimate rooftop wedding. (via Anna Delores Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)

13. Classic Black Acrylic Invitations: There’s nothing more classic than black and white stationery, unless it’s black and clear. (via Gourmet Invitations)

14. Gold and Greenery Acrylic Invitations: The metallic gold san serif typography totally elevates the invite while creating an overall luxe look that perfectly balances your cool-girl aesthetic. (via Ryan Ray Photography / Style Me Pretty)

15. Stylish Gold Acrylic Invitations: Thinking of going with more of a formal-meets-edgy vibe? Give your names a lift through acrylic paperie while playing up the rest of your stationery pieces with some gold letterpress. (via Belathée Photography / Martha Stewart Weddings)

16. Fluid Calligraphy Acrylic Invitations: For wedding invitations with an artisan touch, hire a professional calligrapher who can make your acrylic dream invitations a reality.

17. Modern Blush Acrylic Invitations: Who says you have to stick with clear acrylic? Go ahead and add some color behind your invitations with a custom backing in your hue of choice. (via Thisbe Grace Photography / Southern Fried Paper)

18. Winter Fog Acrylic Invitations: We’re in LOVE with this clean and edgy acrylic wedding invitation. The combo of calligraphy and serif font with that dusty blue hue make it a modern match made in heaven. (via Rachel May Photography / Magnolia Rouge)

19. Double Acrylic Invitations: A double-acrylic leaf design gives your guests a small preview of what’s to come at your enchanting woodland wedding. (via MoHa Photography / Southern California Bride)

20. Hunger Games-Inspired Acrylic Invitations: If you’re into a themed wedding, this breathtaking Hunger Games styled version will be right up your alley. It perfectly marries your big day and your favorite series with its cool design and elegant details. (via Candice Benjamin Photography / Southern California Bride)

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