A fashionable fridge? Don’t mind if we do. We’ve dabbled in a whole bunch of ways to make your ugly appliances cuter, and now there’s a recently Shark-Tank-famous company that’s making a whole job of it! Meet FridgeFronts, yet another way to add a creative touch to your kitchen.

Founded by artist Jan Augenstein, FridgeFronts have actually been in concept mode since ’99! (Hat tip to the ’90s, yo!) Each front is a magnetic cover that transforms the entire front of your fridge into a work of art. Whether you’re bored of the color of your fridge, have a fridge that’s looking a little worse for the wear, or just feel like mixing things up, FridgeFronts aim to have a new front for you.

But wait, there’s more! Yes, they’ve got a bunch of options already pre-loaded on the FridgeFronts website but where things get awesome is where customization comes into play. You can send your own digital photo or vector artwork to the FridgeFronts site and create your own custom fridge. What?! YES. This is the part that gets us jazzed… not that we don’t want a fridge with a cow, cactus, or waterfall on it in the near future.

While we think the gallery is lacking on the high-design side, we dig the idea of creating colorful patterns and designs to tack onto our fridge. They also do dishwasher covers!

A custom FridgeFront will set you back about $80, plus shipping. Not bad considering you are getting a fridge-sized piece of art for your kitchen!

Would you give your fridge a makeover? What do you think of this invention? Talk to us in the comments below.