Just one sip of this rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk concoction can make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. It’s a Jimmy Buffet song in a glass. Because summer is a season full of invented holidays dreamed up to get you drunk, prepare to celebrate National Piña Colada Day (Today! July 10th!) with these 15 tropical cocktail must-haves. Whether you’re celebrating beachside or just in your backyard, they’ll make your July just a little bit sweeter. Bottoms up!

1. The Classic Recipe: If you don’t want to mess around with the three-ingredient cocktail everyone knows and love, here’s what to do: Mix 1 1/2 ounces rum, 2 ounces coconut milk and 2 ounces pineapple juice in a shaker. Pour into a glass with crushed ice. (via Piña Colada Cocktail)

2. The Virgin Version: Whether you want to be the cool aunt for a day or just want to have an option for your non-drinking friends, skipping the rum won’t make this cocktail any less delicious. (via Youth Crash)

3. Dino Drink Stirrers ($17): You know how it is at a party; people can’t keep track of which drink is theirs. Make it a non-issue by adding one of these cool drink stirrers to each glass as you serve them up.

4. Jubilee Goblets ($39): Get all fancy with your barware with these awesome glasses from Birch Lane. They’re the perfect piña colada size.

5. Mango Piña Colada Smoothie: As if pineapple and coconut wasn’t tropical enough, mango kicks it up to a whole other level. Try a virgin version by blending pineapple, mango, banana and coconut milk in a blender. Just add rum if you like it boozy. (via Wine + Glue)

6. Pina Colada Ice-Pops: The secret ingredient to this refreshing dessert is Bacardi Pineapple Fusion. Just take the rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk, freeze it in ice-pop molds with the sticks in and enjoy at the end of the night. (via Pineapple and Coconut)

7. Piña Colada Cake: It’s decadent, it’s delicious and it’s surprisingly easy. This one is a brown sugar butter cake layered with pineapple jam and coconut buttercream. Hey, calories don’t count on National Piña Colada Day. (via Technicolor Kitchen)

8. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($29): Pretty much everyone has a standard cocktail shaker, but this mason jar one will be the envy of all your friends. It works just as well as a steel one; it’s just prettier.

9. Hobnail Pitcher ($23): And when you’re done mixing up the goods for your group, you’re going to need to put the milky liquid in this pool-blue pitcher.

9. Piña Colada Pork Chops: This is a real thing, and it is amazing. Perfect if you’re throwing a luau for the big day (or just, you know, for fun), you’ll impress any guy who thinks he’s a grill master by serving this grilled pork, coconut milk, cilantro and scallions dish. (via Pork Be Inspired)

10. Color Block Coasters ($12) Parties with tropical cocktails call for colorful coasters, and this set does just the trick.

11. The Vegan Piña Colada Smoothie: If you plan on celebrating the day only by listening to your Jimmy Buffet playlist at the gym, this post-workout smoothie will be a sweet reward. Blend one banana, fresh pineapple, a little light coconut and some unsweetened coconut milk together. Bottoms up! (via Tastebook)

12. The Perfect Soundtrack: Set the mood without a cheesy playlist by putting on Haim’s, Days Are Gone. The songs are relaxed, but there’s no steel-drum or maracas. (via Haim)

13. Tropical Print Maxi Dress ($24): Okay, let’s talk wardrobe. A Hawaiian-print maxi dress says breezy, and bonus, you don’t even need to shave your legs.

14. Multi-Colored String Lights ($15): Set a tropical mood without having to splurge for tiki torches by opting for paper lanterns and string lightening. It will keep the party going after the sun goes down!

15. Piña Colada Macarons: Finish off the night with one last toast to the boozy holiday. These macarons are so delicious, it will be hard to stop at just one, so watch out! (via Miss Hangry Pants)

Do you have a favorite twist on this classic cocktail? Share below!