It’s that time of year when you dress up your kid in a costume they’re probably too young to understand and try to get the most laughs out of all the other adults in the neighborhood. Yep, we’re talking about Halloween. Kids love it for the candy, but us grown-ups love it for the epic costumes we get to put our kiddies in that will be talked about for their rest of their lives. In case you’ve been wracking your brain for some funny inspiration, we’ve scoured the Internet to round up 15 of the funniest and most creative Halloween costumes for the little ones that other parents have come up with. Feel free to DIY or buy!


1. Frida Kahlo: The details in this costume are perfect — from unibrow to lightly drawn mustache, from boho flower crown to that vibrant embroidered dress. (via Oh Happy Day)


2. Baby Einstein: How easy is this costume to DIY? All you need is some baby powder for the hair, eye pencil to draw on the brows + ‘stache and a pair of suspenders. Genius. (via Imgur)


3. Little Ira Glass: Nope, nothing more hipster than a mini Ira Glass. Just put your kid in a suit, some thick-framed glasses and baby powder the hair to perfectly embody the This American Life host. (via Oh Happy Day)


4. Santa Baby ($50): It seems like there’s nothing funnier than a baby in a beard. Plus, this is one easy costume theme for the whole family. Mom can be a reindeer + Dad can be a snowman.


5. Carl from Up: This one is too precious and so easy to DIY. The walker is made with PVC pipes and tennis balls (hilarious!) and the clothing is totally re-wearable. Just add balloons. (via Auburn Soul)


6. Baby Cruella de Vil: Disney princesses aren’t for everyone. Some kiddies like the villainess, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, this one is kind of a riot. (via Costume Works)


7. Baby Pee Wee Herman: YAAAAS. Put that ring bearer outfit to good use by turning your kid into Pee Wee Herman. (via Costume Works)


8. Ruth Baby Ginsburg: Try not to laugh when you look at this picture. We dare you. Ruth Baby Ginsburg wins allllllll the votes. (via Buzzfeed)


9. Mini Elvis: This DIY little Elvis is rhinestone perfection. Also, how good does his hair look? It makes us want to put on our blue suede shoes and dance. (via Costume Works)


10. Baby Dalai Lama: This baby version of the Dalai Lama is one hilariously adorable way to pay tribute to a major icon. (via Imgur)


11. Mini Kip and Napoleon Dynamite: This one is one for all the fans of the cult movie. The “Vote For Pedro” shirt is an easy DIY with some felt, and that “LaFawnduh” sign is on point. (via Brit + Co)


12. Baby Amelia Earheart: Whee! She’s flying, and she looks positively thrilled about it. Baby Amelia Earheart is not only freakin’ adorable — it’s brilliant too. (via Heat Oven to 350)


13. Li’l Vincent van Gogh: This bang-on little van Gogh might be the most creative costume yet. The bandage is a nice touch. (via Oh Happy Day)

Do you have any hilarious baby costumes you’d like to share? Show us in the comments below!