Whether you’re spending this Halloween trick-or-treating or not, there’s one thing that’ll be on everyone’s mind come the night of October 31st: candy! While we might not be able to score a pillowcase full of it anymore (at least not for free), we can bust out our apron and make grown-up versions of our favorite childhood treat. Maybe don’t give these homemade goodies out to those kids that come to the door (because, you know, stranger danger), but if you’re hosting a party or just looking to get into the spooky spirit, here are 20 classic candy recipe to try.


1. Milky Way Bar: A successful candy bar copycat always comes down to the texture, and this recipe nails the gooey caramel and nougat of the classic Milky Way bar. You’ll need a mixer and a candy thermometer, but the end result is totally worth the time it takes to get these right. (via Whisk Kid)


2. Butterfinger Bar: With only three ingredients and no candy-making skills required, these dupes are oh-so easy to make. The hardest part will actually be trying not to eat them all. Take them to work and share the love to keep yourself from scarfing down the whole batch immediately. (via Pip and Ebby)


3. Twix Bar: Sometimes a dupe ends up being even better than the original. That might just happen if you actually make the shortbread part of these DIY Twix-like bars. You could buy shortbread cookies to make the recipe a little easier, but once you taste the homemade version, you’ll never go back to the store-bought ones again. (via LRF)


4. Watermelon Hard Candies: You can easily make these any summery flavor you want. Plus, you can even make them into lollipops by adding little sticks to the syrup while it’s hardening. (via Fork and Beans)


5. Almond Joy: If we make these with dark chocolate and coconut, we can count on them as a sort of healthy snack. Almonds are good for you, right? (via Frugal Coupon Living)


6. DIY Saltwater Taffy: You won’t have to feel bad about skipping the gym to make taffy, because this candy is an arm workout in itself. After burning all those calories folding and stretching a giant roll of taffy, you won’t have to feel guilty at all about eating a few extra pieces. (via Vanilla and Lace)


7. Payday Bars: Homemade Payday candy bars involve the sticky-sweetness of caramel balanced out by the crunch of salty peanuts. Whip up some easy caramel with dulce de leche and pour it over a pan of peanuts for the easiest assembly ever. We dare you to try to resist sneaking samples while they cool in the fridge, but definitely won’t judge if you do. (via Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice)


8. Cadbury Bar: Have you tried Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations bars? It involves popping candy, mini M&Ms and little jelly sweets. The first thing that hits you is that tingly tongue sensation from the pop rocks, the crunch of the M&Ms and the sticky jelly pieces — it’s probably the most fun you’ve ever eaten. If you can’t find them in your town, recreate this chocolate bar and see why they are so instantly addictive. (via Sweet 2 Eat Baking)


9. Homemade Mallo Cups: Doesn’t this picture just make you start craving one of those perfect little marshmallow chocolate pillows? Now you can keep a stash in the freezer for whenever you find yourself needing an extra sweet treat of homemade coconut marshmallow fluff covered in chocolate. (via How Sweet It Is)


10. Thin Mints: The good thing about this recipe is that they are so easy you can make them whenever you need a cookie. The bad thing is that they are so easy, you can make them whenever you need a cookie. (And don’t tell anyone, but they’re vegan too.) (via Averie Cooks)


11. Sparkly Fruit Gummies: You see these gummies out a lot around Christmas, but they are so fun and colorful that we think they are a fun treat any time of the year. Choose a specific color palette to go along with your summer party theme or baby shower. (via Our Best Bites)


12. Vegan Heath Bars: Get that crunchy caramel goodness without any dairy. You can even use maple syrup instead of corn syrup to make these that much healthier. (via Fork and Beans)


13. Homemade Snicker Bars: Do we even need to try and convince you that you need to make this Snickers dupe? Seriously, just look at those gooey layers of awesomeness. (via How Sweet It Is)


14. Sour Watermelon Gummies: Don’t waste your treat allowance on corn syrup. These gummy candies could almost call themselves healthy with the amount of natural fruit juice they have in them. They’re the perfectly fruity summer treat. (via Meatified)


15. Lemon Drops: Make a batch of these pretty hard candies to have on hand any time you’re entertaining. There is something inviting and charming about a candy bowl that’s always full of goodies. (via Fork and Beans)


16. Kit Kat Dupes: All you need here is two ingredients. Yep, this recipe is so easy you can let the kids make ’em. (via Life in the Lofthouse)


17. Resees Peanut Butter Cups: Ah, the holy grail of Halloween candy! If you’re a beginning candy maker, this recipe isn’t too difficult, plus they’re secretly healthy. We won’t tell if you don’t. (via Desserts With Benefits)


18. Peppermint Patties: Skip the super sweet candies and instead opt for this refined and minty treat. (via Oh Nuts)


19. Tootsie Rolls: Okay, so these were kind of the throwaway candy when you were a trick-or-treater, but admit it: You secretly love the chocolatey treat. (via Food52)


20. Homemade Candy Corn: Love it or hate it, candy corn is a Halloween staple. Get the kids to help you roll out the different colors and cut them into teeny tiny triangles. (via Hoosier Homemade)

What’s the best candy dupe you’ve ever made? Share your thoughts in the comments below!