As we and everyone else writing about anything tech last week already noted, wearables were huge at CES this year. We’ve already given you a rundown of some of the smartwatches that will be rocking wrists around the world in the near future, but now we want you to turn your attention away from your timepiece while we talk about some of the coolest wearable debuts for everyone from babies to dogs…. yes, dogs.

1. Sensoria Socks ($175): Your $45 Paul Smith socks are no longer the most expensive roll sitting in your top drawer. Those who took the Sensoria socks-and-ankle-cuff combo for a test run say they were one of the most useful wearables presented at CES. They track your cadence, how you place your foot, and where you’re putting your weight while you run. Which means achy knees and shin splints could potentially never be a part of your life again… that is if you’re willing to listen to the socks and change your habits. (That’s right, you’re now taking advice from a pair of stinky gym socks.)

2. Mimo Onesies ($199): Wee babes are getting in on the wearable action thanks to a onesie presented by 2014’s royalty of wearables, Intel. Pulse, breathing rate, heart rate, and even body position will be sent to mom’s and/or dad’s phone. There are rumors that if the newb gets hungry, you’ll get a message to warm up a bottle. For $199, you get three organic unitards plus the clip-on sensor. The first batch already sold out, but they are accepting wait listers. Expecting moms, get on it now.

3. Voyce ($299): Yes. They’re are even fitness trackers for your dog. We know, we know. It sounds ridiculous. But when you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. Dogs can’t tell you how they feel, so if you can see changes in their heart rates and respiratory rates, you can keep your best friends happy, healthy, and around for years to come out. All the information is collected in an accompanying app and easily shared with your pet’s vet. But you’ll have to wait to early summer to give your pup the most epic gift of all time.

4. Innovega iOptik Lenses: You guys. You’re going to put this wearable on your eye. Directly on your eye. Basically these are Google Glass but better, like six times the resolution and 20 times the area. By wearing the contacts in tandem with their own set of glasses, you get even more detail. They also help you see better in general, details like whoa. (via Digital Trends)

5. Basis Fitness Watch ($199): Okay, you caught us. We wedged one watch in here. Why? Because. One of the best fitness bands on the market just got better. Not only does Basis keep track of your exercises, but it totally stalks your sleep patterns, including REM, deep, and the tossing-and-turning bit. And it’s more accurate than a lot of other devices that do similar things thanks to the fact that it monitors your heart rate, which naturally slows down if you are actually sleep (fakers beware). Finally, they went and fancied the face up with a carbon steel casing, because you never know who’s going to pop by in the middle of the night.

6. Jarvis: A personal assistant in the form of an ear bud, Jarvis will be able to make dinner reservations, make a hair appointment, or look up every movie Kevin Bacon has ever been in. Because we want to know, alright?

7. Movea G Series: Fitness bands, CES showcased them in spades. This one does everything the others do, but it also monitors posture, whether you’re sitting behind your desk, going for a run, or just standing around, DIY-ing. Movea is calling the G Series “the world’s most accurate fitness band.” Monitoring results are supposedly right next to what you’d see if you were being tested in a hospital, minus the backless nightgown.

8. Sony Core: This still-very-much-prototype device does the same things most detection devices do (tracking motion and sleep patterns), but it also pays attention to what tunes you’re jamming to, when and where you’re taking selfies, what social media you’re digesting, and what friends you’re hanging out with in real time. All those details are sent to an accompanying app on your phone via bluetooth. What you get in the end is a sort of snapshot of your life, maybe telling you that you’re listening to entirely too much ABBA. (via Digital Trends)

9. XOne Glasses ($500): These aren’t the sleekest or cheapest set of specs on the market, but they’re carving out a space for themselves that will have a much bigger impact than the likes of Google Glass. Basically, they’re safety glasses and are aiming to bring skilled labor into the year 2014. With these glasses, managers can deliver information and changes to foreman in real time, and experience workers can talk rookies through complicated processes thanks to cameras outfitted on the frames. The wheels of progress are in motion, friends. (via The Verge)

10. Netatmo June ($99): And finally, something on the wearable docket that was actually created specifically for women. Designed by Camille Toupet, who’s helped out the likes of Louis Vuitton and Cartier (maybe you’ve heard of them), the “jewel” (available in platinum, gold, or gunmetal) can be worn as a bracelet or a brooch and contains UV sensors that deliver a tailored sun-protection plan to your phone, letting you know when to pull out the SPF, slip on the Ray Bans, or make a run for the shade.

What wearable is wowing you? Let us know in the comments below!