Speaking of roadtrips, it's time for our second installment of geek chic swimwear! This time we turn to classic and modern geekery in the form of outer space, electronics, and, of course, 3D printing.

Black Milk Swim Collection 
Ever since we feasted our eyes on the Tetris swimsuit, we've been anxiously awaiting new swimwear from Black Milk Clothing. We've seen traces of an R2D2 swimsuit in the blogosphere, and the concept for the Gameboy swimsuit has us swooning like whoa.

The Moonwalker Swimsuit ($88): We'll start with a nation-loved throwback, the Moonwalk. While this moment in history has been fodder for conspiracy theories since it happened, this swimsuit features the original NASA photo of the 1969 moon landing.

Retro Gamer Tetris Suit ($88): The swimsuit that started our geek chic swimwear series to begin with, this suit is playful, colorful, and, on this model, is basically Weird Science come true.

Galaxy Purple Swimsuit ($88): Another one after the astronaut-lover's heart, the print on this suit is taken from a galaxy photo from NASA's archive.

Ribs ($88): We can't quite handle this one, but it could appeal to the biology nerd. Its on the a-little-too-realistic side for our style sense.

The PussPuss Collection 
Though we're not well-versed in all of the different mixers, turntables, and other electronics involved in mastering music, these suits caught our eye instantly. The juxtaposition of swimwear and electronics is a great move, and we love that all of these suits could pair perfectly with a maxi skirt for an edgy beach-to-evening look.

White DJ Mixer ($98): The colors on this one make us think of Gameboy, so we love it. Would also look really hot with a pair of cutoffs, aviators, and, naturally, a cool attitude. ;)

Battle Mixer ($98): Inspired by the Stanton M.207 Battle Mixer, this suit speaks to us like a remote control speaks to the TV. Or something. We love the toggle details!

PP Technics Turntable ($98): This one actually doest look familiar, and begs for some kind of copywriting play on two turntables and a microphone. Perhaps, one turntable on a smokin' gal?

Modular Red Suit ($98): Based on the Clavia Nord Modular Classic, this suit makes us think of the keyboard tie, but is so much more awesome.

Shapeways 3D Printed Bikini

And finally, we've got a 3D Printed Bikini. That's right. A 3D. Printed. Bikini. Developed in partnership with Continuum Fashion, the N12 (yes, it has an appropriately futuristic name) is the first fully 3D printed bikini, ready to wear and available for purchase on Shapeways.

Prices vary from size to size, and the shop lets you purchase each part of the bikini, from backstrap to right cup. It's definitely an expensive purchase and probably falls under the category of "made us look."

What are your favorite geek chic pieces for summertime? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter. And don't forget the sunscreen!