This Dad Doodles on His Daughter’s Eyepatch
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This Dad Doodles on His Daughter’s Eyepatch

We love it when parents get creative, especially when it involves a DIY and tech. Geof Grubb, an engineer-turned-stay-at-home dad, totally hacked his daughter’s eye bandage to make the best of the situation. He shared it on Reddit and it went viral, ‘natch. Keep scrolling to read more about his project and get ready to see more creative cuteness overload.

According to an interview with Huffington Post, Layla, his 10-month-old daughter, wears an eyepatch for two hours daily to encourage vision development in her left eye until she turns five.

Layla’s patches have also transformed her into a Despicable Me minion/Mad Eye Moody, Nick Fury/Captain Hook, Spiderman and the Monopoly Man. Greg must have been a child of the ’90s, because there are a ton of Super Mario Bros-themed patches in the bunch. Talk about taking bandages to the next level.

Layla’s Christmas cheer was exponentially infectious when Geof drew iconic Rudolph and Frosty.

We can’t wait to see what patches Greg will create for Layla in the years to come.

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(h/t Huff Post Parents; Images via Imgur)