In the age of Instagram and Twitter, family photo albums have gone digital. Your portraits are documented on feeds for years to come. (Your spawn will appreciate them in their teenage years 鈥 yeah, right!) Thankfully we can always rely on Mom and Dad鈥檚 vintage polaroids and 35mm prints and school yearbook photos for #TBT fodder. But there鈥檚 something so personal about a family portrait, a work of art that encapsulates a blissful moment of you and your loved ones to hang on your wall.

Photographer Ernst Berlin wanted to surprise his wife Agnes with the perfect birthday gift, and he turned to the Internet for help. He reached out to the artists in the Reddit Gets Drawn subreddit, where folks can commission artists by submitting photo requests. After hearing back from 23 different artists, he supplied them with a family photo album of 40 photos that captured the daily life of himself, his wife and their baby, Jacob. The result is truly incredible and heartwarming.

Though he wasn鈥檛 expecting such a large response from the artist subreddit, he was thrilled to see what each artist would bring. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mind if there were multiples of the same photo done,鈥 Berlin told Buzzfeed, 鈥I knew they would all differ.鈥

Six weeks later, Berlin began to receive the artists鈥 work. From digital prints to canvas work, he had a cost-effective and creative gift idea that was sure to win him a husband of the year award. Berlin鈥檚 plan to reveal all the submissions to Agnes took shape as a gallery wall in their bedroom, and, as a good, thoughtful husband would, he sent her to the spa for a birthday retreat to get her out of the house for a few hours so he could hang all the artwork on the wall. (Seriously, is this guy for real?)

Check out Agnes鈥 reaction to their family portraits here:

We love the amount of thought that went into this amazing, creative gift. If you want to see more of what the artists had to offer, you can visit the Berlin鈥檚 Imgur page and admire the detail and artistry of each portrait.

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(h/t Buzzfeed)