You don’t have to be a craft genius to use this amazing material for personalizing your wedding. Whether you want to make custom pillows, stuffed letters, or a whimsical walkway, Polyfill can be your secret weapon in creating something dramatic and unique. Plus, it’s so easy to work with that it’s practically foolproof. You can find it at any craft or fabric store – you can even order it on Amazon. All you have to know is how to STUFF. Combine with some custom fabric printed by Spoonflower, and you’ve got yourself a killer one-two punch.

For all of these executions, the how-to is more or less the same.

1. Find a fun fabric.

2. Stack two sheets of fabric and cut out your desired shape.

3. Sew or hot glue together and leave a small opening.

4. Stuff with polyfill!

First off, we have the Mega Bytes table at a playful baby shower. The theme was digital robots, so Jesi used polyfill-stuffed squares to create the Space Invader. For the piece on the right, the design team created fun table cards for a holiday event.

This stuffed letter project was inspired by the couple’s love for Los Angeles and their destination wedding. Bonus: Their names begin with L and A as well! :)

And this last one was inspired by good old Love. The design team used hearts everywhere in this wedding, so they couldn’t resist a cushy heart-shaped cake topper or two!

How might you get creative with polyfill shapes and decorations for your wedding? Send ideas our way on Twitter, and we just might give ’em a try!

Jesi Haack is the Owner and Lead Designer behind Jesi Haack Design. She has worked with clients from all over the globe including Miley Cyrus, the writers of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and Kadee Strickland of Private Practice. Her signature is creating stylishly dramatic events that capture the flair of each of her wonderful clients and creatively communicates their story to their guests.

Photographs courtesy of Jasmine Star, Ashley Rose, Gabriel Ryan and Jesi Haack.