Looking for some spooky treats to serve up this Halloween? This collection of 12 ghostly recipes is sure to haunt your fête in the most uncanny way. Enjoy these supernatural sweets ranging from fluffy marshmallows and meringues to creepy cocktails.

1. Halloween Ghost Meringue Cookies: Their vanishing nature may make you wonder if they’re simply an apparition, but don’t worry! They’re very real and very enjoyable. (via Secret Life of a Chef’s Wife)

2. Spiced Ghost Pancakes: Breakfast is ready in a flash with these fall-spiced pancakes that utilize boxed pancake mix jazzed up with a variety of fall spices. The finishing touch: a pile of etherial whipped cream piped on top to form a ghost. (via Taste and Tell)

3. All-Natural Marshmallow Ghosts: DIY your own Peeps that use honey in place of the usual corn syrup. (via Barbara Cooks)

4. Liquified Ghost: A splash of lemon-lime soda adds a lively note to this creamy, vanilla-flavored vodka sip. (via Daily Noff)

5. Best Chocolate Ghost Cake: Gooey chocolate cake forms the base for a swarm of not-so-scary toasted marshmallow frosting ghosts on top. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

6. Strawberry Ghosts: It couldn’t be easier to transform chocolate-dipped strawberries into ghostly treats. (via Miss CandiQuik)

7. Chocolate Lovers Pumpkin Fudge Brownie Pancakes: Drizzled with chocolate-Kahlua sauce and topped with marshmallow buttercream ghosts, these pancakes make for one devilish short stack. (via Half Baked Harvest)

8. Haunted Black Forest Cupcakes: Have fun playing with fondant to create the spooky ghosts floating on top of these chocolate and cherry cupcakes. (via Juniper Cakery)

9. Spooky Ghost Pizza: Cut slices of fresh mozzarella into ghost shapes using a cookie cutter to make this haunted pizza. (via She Knows Chef Mom)

10. Boo Berry Cupcakes: Transform a box of Boo Berry cereal into a flavor boost for these cupcakes — crushed cereal is folded into the batter while the colorful marshmallows add a Funfetti-esque flair to the frosting. (via Mrs. Schwartz Kitchen)

11. Ghostly Popcorn Balls: Dip popcorn balls into white chocolate and add candy eyes to make this quick Halloween treat. (via Tonya Staab)

12. Ghostly Goodie Bags: Give your favorite candy a supernatural twist by simply decorating a cellophane treat bag with a hand-drawn likeness of a ghost. (via Brit + Co)

What sort of spooky sweets are you serving up this Halloween? Share your haunted creations with us in the comments!