As it turns out, there’s no shortage of cleverly-titled, disgusting-looking cocktails on the Internet. From tapioca pearls that look like maggots to a completely curdled cocktail, people love getting their haunt on for Halloween. Here are 20 such cocktails for ghouls, goblins, and other ghastly creatures.

1. Bloody Brain Shooter: This looks seriously gross, don’t you think? It’s basically a remix on the classic gag shooter, The Cement Mixer. You mix Bailey’s with vodka and just let it curdle. (via Ministry of Alcohol)

2. Black Magic Martini: Vodka and Patron? Devilish. (via Las Vegas Weekly)

3. Seven Sins: Combining whiskey, applejack, and lemon juice, this cocktail is good for any fall fiesta. (via Sloshed)

4. Blood In, Blood Out: How weird is the name of this drink? It definitely creeps us out. The dry ice is key. (via Refinery 29)

5. Drunken Spider: The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the vodka spout. (via Talk of Tomatoes)

6. Dark and Spooky: A twist on something a little more stormy, all you need is a pile of black decorating sugar to make any cocktail spooky. (via Food Network)

7. Cranberry is the New Black Cocktail: Did you know that black vodka exists?! (via Brit + Co.)

8. Swamp Juice: Technically, this is a mocktail. But add a little vodka and you’re all set! The tapioca and gummy worms are soooo slimy. (via Spoonful)

9. Pina Ghoulada: Punniest cocktail name on this list? Absolutely. And you can thank the fairy godmother of DIY, Martha Stewart, for that. (via Susan Tuttle Photography)

10. Rosemary’s Baby: First of all, have you seen the movie this drink is named after? It includes a “Hail Satan” chant, so you best believe that it is pretty darn scary. Secondly, this punch looks awesome! (via Refinery 29)

11. Brain Hemorrhage: Another win for Baileys. The curdles just keep ’em coming! (via TangoPango)

12. Bleeding Heart Martini: The genius move in this drink? Pickled baby BEETS! (via Martha Stewart)

13. The Devil’s Skin: This has to be the most disgusting name for a cocktail we’ve ever seen. Especially when you visualize the lemon peel as actual skin. Eeek. (via 12 Bottle Bar)

14. Vampire Kiss Martini: This sweet cocktail includes Whipped Vodka, which we absolutely love. Other than that, it’s just a bit of strawberry sundae syrup and teeth. (via Cooking with Sugar)

15. Liquified Ghost: This simple mix of vodka, vanilla simple syrup, cream, and soda would make a great base for an ice cream cocktail float! (via Daily Noff)

16. Vampire Cocktail: Speaking of ice cream, the grenadine on this scoop gives us chills. (via Ministry of Alcohol)

17. Candy Corn Martini: On our quest to spike all things sweet, we’ve learned one very valuable lesson. You can infuse anything into vodka. Case in point? Candy corns. (via Brit + Co.)

18. Black Magic: Have a bottle of blue curaçao lying around from 4th of July 2009? Bust that bottle out and mix up this magical concoction. (via Celebrations at Home)

19. Black and Orange Rum Punch: Created as an ode to the San Francisco Giants and Halloween, this dangerous drink includes two types of rum, all sorts of citrus, and blackberries. (via Brit + Co.)

20. Creepy Bubble Cocktails: Last, super creepy bubbles that kind of look like maggots. Cheers! (via Dabbled)

What’s your favorite Halloween cocktail? Tell us in the comments below.