If you’re following along from last week, I have great news in personal app land. My Scratch search for the right pair of sandals (to replace my old trusty set) resulted in three solid options, one of which I’m going to buy. How cool is that? Don’t say apps never did anything for you; you just may not have found the right one yet (you, me and Kaitlyn Bristowe both). I’m moving onto replacing my old green suede booties next, but in the meantime, here are five new and updated apps from the week that are making headlines, making downloads and making your weekend!


1. Gif Wallet: If only we could all really use GIFs as currency, many of us would be RICH thanks to all of those Real Housewives and cartoons and facial expressions worth watching on a loop. This app lets you stash away the keepers and easily pull them out whenever and wherever they deserve to go — emails, messages, presentations, you’re covered.

DL It: Free on iOS

2. Darkroom 2: Don’t call it a comeback, since all iPhone photogs already know and love this photo app, but the update to this insta-favorite (and Instagram favorite) puts it in a whole new league. 14 new features including new tools Color and Tone, the ability to inset your photo when adding white borders for Instagram + a better ways to create, manage and share custom filters will make it your go to if it isn’t already.

DL It: Free on iOS, in-app purchases $1.99 – $5.99


3. MoodNotes: Journaling on your smartphone or even smarter wearable just got a makeover that actually makes sense. This quirky thought catcher and mood tracker asks you how you’re doing. You can add a smiley/frowny face and more context if you want, which will be helpful when looking at the landscape of your emotions over time. The app was created by clinical psychologists and wants to help you avoid “common thinking traps” and find new perspectives when it comes to your happiness and well-being.

DL It: $4 on iOS


4. Genius: Brand-new on Android and updated on iOS, you might remember (and possibly love) this app from its beginnings as Rap Genius. Like Urban Dictionary in grad school, Genius has grown to be more than just a database for context and background to rap lyrics. The site and app now span all music genres and are growing to annotate and add context to the written world. The new app features a new video player, the ability to Shazam (or, in this case, Gracenote) a song you’re listening to and will take you directly to the Bible verses and poems being rapped about.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS

5. Shifu: Speaking of geniuses, this newly designed app joins the army of downloads looking to make your smartphone smarter — psychic even. A Product Hunt feature this week, Shifu is an intelligent personal assistant that gets to know you, your to do list and your behavior in order to anticipate what you need to do next, on or off the phone. Beyond what you need to do, Shifu wants to help you figure out what you CAN do, empowering you to use your free time and your location in the wisest way.

DL It: Free on Android

What is the last app you downloaded? Share your favorites with us below!