It’s February 14, which means you’re either donning a robe and essential oils for a couples massage, cheersing your Bffffffs with pitchers of bottomless mimosas, still celebrating your birthweek (just me?) or strutting down a catwalk right about now. I can’t promise that all of the best apps of the week are seasonally appropriate, but let’s say they’re all in the spirit of this week/end. In that you’ll likely fall in love with all of ‘em. <3 From the coolest messaging hack to your new favorite photo filter, check out this week’s can’t-miss apps.


1. Chic Sketch: Confession — NYFW is kind of a bigger deal right now to us than Cupid’s Day. What?! We’re street style stalkers and #OOTD-obsessed around here. This app is for anyone who can identify. It lets you upload pics and submits them to be sketched by a fashion illustrator. How insanely awesome is that?!

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


2. ScreenPop: You know those friends who never open the diligently doodled-on Snapchats that you send them in a timely manner? This app is not only the ultimate hack for making sure they see them, but it’s also a genius workaround for messaging friends on and from each other’s lock screens. How. Cool. You can snap a photo while your phone is locked and send it to your friends so it’s the first thing they see when they pull their Droid out of their purse or pocket. They can “Like,” respond or send a nonsensical doodle your way. We can’t totally wrap our heads around what an app like this looks like if your phone is stolen, but maybe further incentive to pair this DL with one of those self-destructing apps.

DL It: Free on Android


3. Willow: We don’t spend a ton of time on dating apps in this little weekly roundup, but love is in the air and this particular pairing app has been causing a stir all week. Willow wants to be Tinder for people who are over Tinder (isn’t everyone over Tinder?) by making the experience more about your personality than a handful of pictures. You create a profile and then ask up to three questions for others to answer. Qs are tagged so you can find and answer other Qs that might lead you to the love of your life. Or you’ll just have fun answering Qs like an old fwded email quiz…

DL It: Free on iOS


4. Darkroom: Another buzzy download to tap its way into the App Store this week just might be vying for iPhone photo filter favorite VSCO cam’s top spot. Darkroom is a photo editing app for iOS that opens up your entire camera roll (no import necessary) to edit in a Photoshop lite-like suite where you can DIY your own filters and strike the perfect tones for your pics with their handy Curves tool. Sharing photos on white backgrounds directly to Instagram is an NBD little bonus that could help streamline the photo apps on your phone.

DL It: Free on iOS + $2.99 add-on for “Curves”


5. Metamorphabet: From dating apps to kiddy apps, we’re really going full circle for today’s What’s App-ening. This educational app is just about the coolest way to teach your little ones the ABCs — we’re actually considering just like, taking a quick afternoon to brush up on ours. Here, letters transform into different words that help explain and explore the alphabet with dazzling illustrations.

DL It: $3.99 on iOS

What was your favorite download of the week? Share with us below!