You’re the photographer of your group, with a memory card bursting at the seams and the dwindling iPhone space to prove it. But what happens when your photos just aren’t the life of the party anymore? How can you spice things up and make sure that your memories are being recorded in the best possible way?

One word: GIFs. And we have just the app to make that happen.

GIFMojo is a new app that makes it super easy to take three of your best photos and turn them into a GIF. Then it lets you send your creative beauties to your friends directly through text, email, Instagram and more.

GifMojo’s best feature is that it recognizes pictures that look alike and groups them into lists, making it even easier for you to pick the best for your animation masterpiece. And the super easy user interface (and if we may say, the awesome neon color scheme) makes designing and uploading your best works a snap. We also love the app’s cheeky tagline: “Punch your camera roll in the face until awesome GIFs fall out.”

While we don’t endorse phone on phone violence, we just love the idea of entering photos into a mystery machine and having a hilarious,and unique photo project come out. How’s that for taking DIY to the next level?

Would you use this new GIF app? What kinds of scenes would you GIF-ifize? Let us know below!