When it comes to short-form media, we’re long-time fans and makers of the animated GIF. We’ve looped everything from Ryan Gosling to graffiti art. Well, now there is a new kid on the scene — Coub. Coub is a looped video up to 10 seconds long, and you can loop everything from classic movies to Jimmy Fallon.

The Coub community has channels that you can follow ranging from living photos to visual science. The creativity is limitless. We think it would be a stellar way to fast track the best parts of a DIY or to make a loop of a favorite movie, like, oh how about Clueless (see our first Coubs below!).

The tool is super simple to use. You can either upload a video or paste a link to a video online, and they even have an app for Coub-ing on the go. Choose your time range, edit your sound and boom! Your Coub is ready to be published and shared with the world.

What do you think? Is Coub a new fad or the next meme-maker? Share your thoughts on loop below while we go experiment with more Coubs!