The holidays are almost upon us, which means you鈥檙e probably in a frenzy by now figuring out party plans, decorations and ugly sweaters. (Don鈥檛 worry, us too!) One thing that should never be stressful though is figuring out gifts for your friends and family. It should be fun finding things that they鈥檒l love based on their interests. And if you have a friend or loved one who wants to dip their toes into the graphic design pool but doesn鈥檛 know where to start, this gift guide is for you!

We鈥檝e got a wonderful selection of online classes in our Design category that will teach you various design programs. Plus, each course will walk you through a fun class project, which will test your creative skills and leave you with an awesome final piece to show for it.

If you need help deciding which design class to gift, here are a few of our favorites below.


1. Digital Illustration in Adobe Illustrator Online Class: If your friend鈥檚 dream is to become an illustrator, this class is perfect. Becky Simpson of Chipper Things will show your friend how to turn their drawings into unique digital designs. She鈥檒l even end up with sweet illustrations that she can use for greeting cards, wallpapers and more!


2. Intro to Adobe InDesign Online Class: Maybe your friend already has the design chops but just needs a little guidance when it comes to structuring documents. Khara Plicanic鈥榮 class will show her how to design killer resumes, marketing collateral, stationery and more. She鈥檚 really going to make an impression now!


3. Intro to Adobe Lightroom Online Class: Once your friend has created her first website or blog, she鈥檒l need to make sure her photos look as great as possible. That鈥檚 where Sakura Considine of Bloguettes comes in. She鈥檒l show your friend how to take raw photos and make them pop using Adobe Lightroom.


4. Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator Online Class: Every good brand needs a good logo, and it鈥檚 now easier than ever to learn how to create one that fits your brand. Meg Lewis of Darn Good will show your pal how to sketch a logo and turn it into a beautiful digital design. She鈥檒l learn which fonts, colors and embellishments work best for her logo and leave with badass design skills and a custom logo she can be proud of.

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Developing creative skills and building a brand as a graphic designer is never easy, but our classes can make it a lot more fun. If you aren鈥檛 familiar with our class structure, here鈥檚 the deal. When you buy one of our classes, it鈥檚 yours forever 鈥 no take-backsies and no expiration dates. And when you see how much your friends love our classes, you may just want to snag one for yourself too. Because really, you should be on your own Christmas list.