“Finally, I have all the jewelry I want,” said no one ever. We can always make more room for new trinkets to add to the rotation, and it just so happens that a new piece of jewelry can make our wardrobe feel newer too (magic?). The holidays are the perfect excuse to treat someone to jewelry! From bold and dazzling to minimalist jewelry that easily adapts to any style, we’ve got it in the B+C Shop. Happy hunting!


1. Custom Soundwave Cuff ($149): Instead of searching for a piece of jewelry that speaks to you, now you can make one. Literally. Send in your audio recording, and the sound waves will be etched onto this cuff for a one-of-a-kind gift.


2. Archer Earrings ($59): We love the anytime potential of dainty gold wire + bold geometric shapes. Add these into your jewelry rotation for a bit of intrigue.


3. Toni Necklace ($58): This painted wooden necklace features a lovely interplay between bold shape and subdued, natural color.


4. Handwritten Initial Necklace ($84): Everybody loves a handwritten letter! They just weren’t wearable until this super-sweet gold necklace.


5. Peak Ring ($30): This gold ring has that quiet edge we look for in minimalist jewelry, and the charming irregularities make it look decades older than it is. It’s meant to be worn with the point directed toward your heart.


6. Crystal Sparkle Drop Tassel Necklace ($46): Wait ‘til you see how this crystal necklace catches the light. This one would work for sitting at the office or sipping champagne. Both?! You wild card, you.


7. Three Tiered Necklace ($42): No jewelry rotation is complete without this mature and elegant style. It’s so simple and sophisticated, it makes a Bond girl out of any woman, and so timeless that your grandmother probably wore something like it when she was your age.


8. X Marks the Spot Necklace ($25): Show off your fun side! Accessorize with a little X O action.


9. Fortune Cookie Necklace ($90): If you could write someone else’s fortune, what would it say? These good luck charms also come as bracelets, and you can get one personalized in time for holiday shipping.


10. Green With Envy Earrings ($85): These knotty earrings feature an elegant teardrop shape in a bold emerald color framed in contrasting gold. We envision these with your holiday dress, or a pencil skirt, heels and high ponytail.


11. Succulent Studs ($90): Feel instantly more wild in these match-everything studs, which are cast from a live succulent.


12. Hair Tie Bracelet ($84): This bangle isn’t just for looks. It also serves the pretty awesome purpose of keeping a hair tie on hand without giving you wrist indents.


13. Druzy Prong Studs ($58) Eye-catching druzy studs carry over perfectly from office outfit to date night. With five colors to choose from, you can go as bold as you want.

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