The last episode of Gilmore Girls aired nearly 10 years ago. Even though all that time has past, Rory and Lorelai have steadily remained two of our favorite fictional BFFs. So you can imagine our excitement when rumors started flying about the show making a comeback. I mean, there’s a Full House revival in the works so anything is really possible, right? While no one has *officially* confirmed the show’s return, one Twitter user recently toured the Warner Bros. lot and found some VERY convincing evidence that Stars Hollow will once again be making onto the small screen.

gilmore girls revival photos

GGRI (Gilmore Girls Revival Investigator) Clara first took to Twitter to share a photo of Miss Patty’s dance studio getting a fresh coat of paint.

gilmore girls revival photos 1

She then shared a few snaps of some props from Kim’s Antiques that are freshly labeled and scheduled to be moved on January 11.

gilmore girls revival 2

As if these two photos aren’t proof enough, another GGRI (it’s a thing, okay?!) shared an even more convincing finding earlier last month: a parking space reserved for Gilmore Girls crew. I mean, what other evidence do you NEED, people?! Lorelai and Rory, we are ready for you and your insanely speedy banter.

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(Photos via @caddyglass, @GilmoreGuysShow, Feature Photo via Warner Bros.)