Creative combinations of digital and analog fuel the fire around here, and we’re always intrigued by new ways to bring digital ideas to analog reality, and vice versa. Our latest discovery in this vein manages to be modern and vintage all at the same time. Meet Giphoscope, a handmade analog GIF player.

But what is an analog GIF player? Inspired by an early motion picture device called the Mutuscope, it works on the same principle as the flipbook. With the Mutuscope, individual frames were attached to a reel instead of being bound into a book, and were typically comprised of 850 cards, meaning about a minute of viewing time.

The Giphoscope works similarly, but is more tailored to the short spurts of motion found in animated GIFs.

Each device is tailor made by Marco Calabrese and Alessandro Scali at Officina K in Italy. Once they receive the GIF to assemble, they choose the colors and quality of the aluminum, wood, and screws according to the color palette of the GIF. Then parts are cut and assembled, the GIF is printed, and the hand crank is set in place.

It’s a totally unique and old school way to bring an animated GIF to analog life. The possibilities for more artful GIFs are pretty endless with this one, as you could have it on display in an art gallery or exhibition, just as you would a sculpture or painting. Be sure to check out their collection for inspiration.

Ordering your own Giphoscope will set you back about $400, but considering that it is a one-of-a-kind art object built just for you, that’s actually not crazy. They even include a photo set of the construction process for your specific Giphoscope — definitely an awesome perk.

All in all, we’d love to try this out once we create an animated GIF that is worthy of such a gorgeous piece.

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